Used Vauxhall ADAM review

The stylish city car that is big on personality and even bigger on configuration, find out what makes it great inside. 

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As is the case with many of the automotive sectors, manufacturers can struggle to stand out from their rivals when they release a new model. Vauxhall decided they wanted to make a new city car, and instead of giving us a drab lifeless car, they created the Adam. Here is a great looking car that drives well and has over one million configurations available, which is a mental concept. On top of all this, the Adam is reasonable to run on a daily basis and servicing is also inexpensive. It's easy to see why the Adam has sold so well.



Vauxhall never cease to amaze as a brand; one minute they are designing something conservative - the Grandland X - and then they go and create something outlandish with the Adam. In a day and age where cars are becoming too similar to one another, the bold styling of the Adam is a breath of fresh air.

The sheer amount of configurations available make the Adam a special car. There is an inconceivable amount of paint combinations available, along with multi-coloured wheels and different coloured side mirrors. Spend enough time configuring the Adam online and you'll have to explain to your partner why you've been missing for the past year and a half.



The interior of the Adam is spectacular, so much so we are struggling to decide where to start. So let's start with the basics; the dashboard is completely bespoke to this model and feels great to the touch. There is a high level of standard equipment, including smartphone docking and a pretty nifty touchscreen. In the back there is comfortable seating for two (not three) alongside a generously sized boot.

Good, boring stuff out the way. Let's talk about the sheer amount of options available inside. Pretty much every part you see can be completely bespoke, and that's not an exaggeration. For example, you can have 'starlight' head lining inside, how outrageous is that?



The Adam is based on the same platform as the Vauxhall Corsa, which is a very accomplished vehicle in its own right; as you can imagine then, the Adam is a pretty good steer. Vauxhall haven't fallen into the trap of ruining the comfort by setting the Adam up to be sporty, instead they have made it compliant and comfortable to drive on a daily basis. Having said that, there is surprisingly little body roll and good grip from the front wheels.


City cars aren't usually the most practical in the world, and that's purely because of their compact size. Surprisingly, the Adam is actually reasonably practical for a small car. The interior is spacious and boasts plenty of head and legroom for passengers, while there is plenty of storage compartments for all of your Ariana Grande merchandise. The boot is a good size, meaning you can get all of your weekly shopping in with space still to spare. The doors themselves open pretty wide, making access to the rear seats less of a treacherous ordeal.


Engines and transmissions

Under the bonnet you will find a choice of petrol engines, all providing ample pulling power and low emissions. There is no diesel option because the Adam simply doesn't need one, part of the character comes from the peppy petrol engines. Not much to report on the gearbox front, there is a slick manual gearbox and a smooth automatic gearbox - most opted for the manual because it suits the Adam's peppy nature.


The Adam slots nicely into the premium city car category. If you take pride in being a fashionista who likes to make an impression wherever you go, then the Adam will do you a solid. The sheer amount of configurations ensure your personality can shine through wherever you drive. On top of being a superb city car, the Adam sits in a low insurance group, making it ideal for new drivers.

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