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Spread the cost of maintenance and MOTs with a tailored Care Plan, available with flexible finance options

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What is a care plan?

A car care plan, sometimes known as a service plan, allows you to spread the cost of servicing your car over an agreed period of time.

All work is carried out in-line with your vehicle's recommended service schedule by our fully qualified technicians.

With a CarStore Care Plan, you can pay on a monthly basis, or pay the full fee upfront.

What are the benefits of a CarStore Care Plan?

Discounted aftercare & accessories: Enjoy 10% discount on any repairs, parts, labour, and accessories.

Inflation proof: your monthly payment won't change throughout the duration of your agreement.

Nationwide dealers: Book your service at any CarStore Centre.

Interest-free: You won't pay a penny in interest throughout your agreement.

Discounted MOTs: You'll pay a reduced rate on MOTs when you bring your car to us.

Puncture repairs: We'll take care of any repairable punctures in your tyres, free of charge.

Complimentary valet: We'll give your car a wash and vac with every visit.

Vehicle health checks: Keep on top of your vehicle's health with free seasonal checks.

Car Care Plan Comparison

Explore the range of care plans we have on offer, and who they're best suited to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take my car to the same centre for each service?

You don't have to use the same dealership every time you get a service. You can use any other CarStore Centre at no extra charge.

What happens if I sell my car?

If you sell your car, you can transfer your plan to another car free of charge (although your payments may change), or you can cancel it and get your money back after paying a cancellation fee.

Do low mileage cars need servicing every year?

Regardless of the mileage on your car, it will need servicing in line with the recommendations of its manufacturer. Even though low mileage cars experience less wear and tear than higher mileage vehicles, their parts can still degrade or perish over time, which is essential to keep on top of.

Do electric cars need servicing?

Similar to petrol and diesel cars, electric vehicles still need servicing in accordance with their recommended service schedule. The only difference is that they have less serviceable parts to maintain or replace (e.g. engine oil).

How often should you service your car?

How often your car needs servicing will depend on its service schedule, which will have been set by the manufacturer. Typically though, most cars are serviced on an annual basis, although it's not uncommon for some to require a service every two years.

Are MOTs included in a care plan?

MOTs are not included in an CarStore Care Plan. However, you will get discounted MOTs with one of our plans as one of your benefits.

Are care plans worth it?

Care plans are worth it if you're looking to spread the cost of maintenance on your car, whilst saving money in the process. The benefits, such as discounted MOTs and accessories, also make it worth your while in the long run.