used volkswagen polo car review

Volkswagen Polo

Spacious and smooth in terms of how it looks and drives which makes it an ideal first car.

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In 1975 Volkswagen launched the Polo, just a year after the manufacturer’s iconic Golf hatchback. The Polo is smaller however, and therefore acts as a more compact offering in the Volkswagen hatchback range.

Despite its smaller hatchback proportions, which see the Polo described as a supermini from time to time, the humble Polo feels much more solid and grown-up than its size suggests. Build quality has always been a strong characteristic of the Polo, thanks to its German nationality. It’s worth noting that the interior also offers a clutter-free and smart ambiance.

In recent years, the Polo has consistently been one of the UK’s best-selling cars. Unsurprising really, when you consider the quality, value and reliability the Volkswagen Polo offers.

Available in 3 and 5-door variants, the Volkswagen Polo can be as sporty or as practical as you wish, along with the legendary GTI version also being a highly sought-after proposition of the Polo range.

used volkswagen polo car review


Smart sophistication. The Volkswagen Polo has always offered understated style and it just may well be the most upmarket compact hatchback available. It doesn’t need to shout about its appearance, instead in typical Volkswagen fashion, quality oozes from its presence.

In GTI trim level, the exterior is enhanced offering the legendary red GTI stripe grille, along a smart body kit amongst the various sports enhancements.

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More compact than a Golf, the Polo doesn’t suffer from a lack of space. As mentioned, with 3 and 5-door selection, you can adapt your choice of used Polo to your practicality needs. It’s worth noting, no matter which specification of Polo you select, interior is spacious with plenty of headroom, leg room and a decent sized boot.

It is also superbly quiet and refined, but this of course is a familiar characteristic of the Volkswagen brand in featuring outstanding build quality and refinement.

used volkswagen polo

Driving and Practicality

For a compact hatchback, the Polo is a fine car to drive, mimicking a larger car due to its high-quality feel. It is easy to drive whether amongst the city on a tight street, or whilst offering comfort and poise on a busy motorway. Of course, sportier models feel wonderfully engaging and dynamic on a typical British B-road.

Visibility is excellent and adds to the overall easy to drive nature. A big boot and seating for five ensures the Polo has commendable hatchback practicality too.


In recent years, the Polo has been within the UK’s top 10 best-selling cars. The perfect mix of an upmarket feel in a compact package is an attractive proposition. With typical German build quality and reliability, the Polo suits a variety of lifestyles. Whether you’re after a car that is fun to drive, or one that is perfect to dart through tight city streets the Polo achieves top marks. Due to the small engines and low insurance, the Polo is a great first car too.

Being a Volkswagen, it holds its value rather well too and will always appeal as a sound used car option.

volkswagen polo car review


Standard features are good, but you’ll benefit by opting for a plusher trim level for enhanced luxuries such as cruise control, parking sensors and alloy wheels. Although as standard ABS, electric windows and body coloured bumpers all feature.


 A number of engine choices are available when buying a Polo. With the Polo’s compact proportions, a selection of small yet punchy petrol and diesel offerings are common place. BlueMotion models are ultra-efficient with petrol versions able to achieve over 65mpg, whilst diesel variants offer up to an impressive 80mpg. The GTI versions offer up to 200hp with outstanding hot hatch performance.

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