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A superbly reliable, easy to drive and cheap to run supermini that now features a super-stylish new image.

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First introduced in 1982, the Nissan Micra is a humble supermini which has developed quite the reputation for reliability and dependability. Its humbleness is portrayed in its styling, which is subtle, clean and simple. The first generation Micra (K10) was a boxy affair, available in both 3 and 5-door body styles, a trend that carried on up to and including the third generation Micra .In the early nineties, the second generation (K11) was introduced, featuring softer styling. The third generation (K12) which came in the early noughties featuring classic 'bubble car' styling. Then in 2010 the fourth generation arrived (K13) - with the start of 5-door only specification and understated looks, which got more polished in the facelifted versions. The latest fifth generation Micra (K14) was the real game changer launched in 2017, with ultra-sharp and sophisticated styling which introduced a bold new look and image for the humble Micra.

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Nissan Micra styling has always been cute and understated. And no matter which generation of Micra you cast your eyes over, the styling is not over the top, it's just the right amount of style and simplicity that suits its supermini and city car image. It wasn't really until the new millennium that the styling changed to compete with the futuristic styling, adopted by many of the superminis and city cars on sale. The fourth generation was perhaps even more understated if we are honest, whilst the latest generation looks like a completely different design ethos altogether. This is thanks to bold, state-of-the-art styling that puts the Micra in a completely new light - offering sleek, sharp and cutting edge styling that will have many people asking the question, "Is that really a Micra?"



With many superminis, interiors tend to be simplistic and straight forward. The Micra is no different. Despite the compact size, there is a surprising amount of space, especially in 5-door variants with the benefit of easier access to the rear of the car, which also features a decent sized boot. There is also the option to fold the rear seats flat for even more space. Features are fairly standard for a car of this calibre and the overall look of the interior is again understated. It is only in the latest models where the Micra really starts to impress. This is thanks to ultra neat and sophisticated interior material quality, screens and really sleek dials, catapulting the Micra into the very top of the most stylish superminis available.

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The first four generations of Micra are ultra-popular with driving schools, young and also mature people, due to being superbly easy to drive. The latest generation steps it up even more by offering a more enjoyable and compelling drive, which Nissan hope to attract even more people to the Micra. Later generations will attract the more fashion conscious buyer, due to their enhanced looks and overall quality feel. Many cars which have enjoyed a lengthy existence, such as the Micra don't really alter much over the years. Whereas the latest Micra is totally transformed, and the drive and feel of the car is certainly a lot more exciting and premium feeling.


Nissan have a real knack of producing fine cars, with superb levels of reliability and practicality. Despite the Micra's compact dimensions, the use of 5-door body styles helps a lot with practicality. Boot space is not going to cut it with popular mainstream hatchbacks, but the Micra is a supermini. That said, the latest version is a lot more practical and is the most spacious Micra available - unsurprising being the most advanced Micra to ever feature in the Nissan model line-up.

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Engines and transmissions

Another trait of the humble and now incredibly stylish Nissan Micra is just how friendly it is on the wallet. This is thanks to a number of a small and punchy engine choices ranging from 0.9-litres to 1.5-litres, available in both petrol and diesel fuel choice, along with automatic and manual transmission choices. This means the Micra can easily top 50 mpg and some variants can return a seriously impressive 88 mpg!


With many cars, stereotyping comes with the process. The Nissan Micra has always had a bit of a popularity with more mature drivers, but at the opposite end of the scale, the humble Micra is an incredibly popular driving school car. This is due to its easy to drive nature and its ability to sip petrol and diesel. The all-new Micra looks at attracting to those with a more modern lifestyle, who are also style conscious due to the Micra's daring new looks. One thing is for sure, if you are after a hugely reliable, easy to run, easy to drive supermini, you cannot go wrong with a Micra.