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Economical, agile and full of character - ideal for urban and rural driving.

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The MINI Hatchback has been a revelation since BMW brought it back in 2001. They successfully managed to capture a large chunk of the magic that made the original MINI so brilliant, whilst adding the contemporary touches it needed to meet the needs of the modern consumer. Through each generation, MINI have made a series of additions that have enhanced the way the car drives – making it a benchmark for other manufacturers to reach.

used mini hatchback review


While a lot of cars in modern society are guilty of being very similar to one another, it’s safe to say that a MINI successfully stands out from the crowd with its distinctive styling that hasn’t been replicated anywhere else. Those unique round headlamps have been a mainstay for the MINI, while the wheels are placed at each corner of the car with minimal bodywork overhang for that purposeful look that we all love. As with every generation of MINI, what really helps them stick out like a sore thumb is the sheer amount of personalisation available. Union Jacks, different coloured roofs, various decals; you can have pretty much whatever you want on a MINI – and it’s very rare you’ll see two used examples exactly the same.

mini hatchback review


Just like the exterior, the interior of the MINI is extravagant and boasts a tonne of character. The main feature that will always dominate the cabin is that large dial mounted to the centre of the dash; depending on the year you choose, this will either be a massive speedometer or an infotainment system.

It’s the little details that really enhance the impression of the interior, the toggle switches for the fog lights and windows feel like ones you would find in a fighter jet. Wherever you look, you’ll find the interior of any MINI has been constructed using high quality materials.

mini hatchback interior review


Speak to anyone who has ever driven a MINI and we are willing to wager they mention the words ‘go-kart’ and ‘really good-fun’ at some point. This is a uniform formula MINI have adopted with every generation of Hatchback; the sharp steering provides a lovely weight and feedback you just don’t get in other cars, while the low-slung nature of the MINI and planted stance (thanks to the wheels at each corner) really help with the cornering. If you prioritise driving fun, it is incredibly hard to beat a MINI.

However, it would be easy to think that the lightweight fun associated with the MINI would compromise the daily driveability, which simply isn’t the case. Ultimately, MINI is owned by BMW, and we all know they don’t do unrefined. As a result, the MINI has superb road manners and really isolates you from road and wind noise. 


The MINI Hatchback isn’t the most practical car in the world if we’re being completely honest. Yes, it has rear seats and yes it does have a boot, but we wouldn’t recommend a MINI for transporting large items. However, if you’re a couple or have a young family, the MINI Hatchback is more than adequate; and although the boot isn’t massive, you can get your weekly food shop home without issue.

mini hatchback car review


The MINI Hatchback is a cool car that boasts bags of character, so therefore it is only fitting that there is a range of engines to suit the MINI’s unique personality. There is a wide range of petrol and diesel engines to choose from, ranging from economical money-savers all the way up to thrilling joy-riders. Any engine you choose will offer excellent pulling power throughout the rev-range, and even the performance orientated versions offer affordable running costs. What’s not to love?


The MINI Hatchback is a great car that performs as well on the motorway as it does in the city. However, it really excels in the urban environment thanks to its small dimensions and nimble handling. The brilliant thing about the MINI is that because it’s so easy to personalise them, you can enjoy one of these cars regardless of your age. The smaller engines that sit in low tax bands and low insurance groups make the MINI a great first car for any driver.

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