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The perfect city car and its smooth ride and great looks will appeal to first time drivers.

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Launched in 2008, the Hyundai i10 is a punchy little city car and the most compact offering in the comprehensive Hyundai model range. Despite its small size, a practical 5-door body style comes as standard.

Offering textbook factors for a small city car the i10 has a lot going for it. It costs very little to run along with being surprisingly practical. It also benefits from being generously kitted out as standard and is also surprisingly fun to drive.


The first-generation i10 was available until 2013 and offered typical small car looks. Small wheels and an unfussy, somewhat cheeky appearance. You might even call it cute. 

For the second-generation i10 Hyundai enhanced the overall look and feel of the i10. It is a much more sophisticated and mature model, and benefits from a much more style-focused design, which effortlessly blends in with the rest of the updated and enhanced Hyundai range, which has taken on a much more premium look just recently.

The i10 is a now a handsome city car, that looks a lot classier than its predecessor.  But it's not just the exterior that has been overhauled on the later generation.

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The interior has also been given multiple enhancements over the first generation. Step inside either generation of the i10 and you’d probably feel like you were getting in a much larger, and in the later generation, a much classier car than Hyundai’s entry-level city car. Each generation offers a deceptively spacious interior and a clean and ergonomic array of switchgear.

Later generations have really stepped up their interior quality though, with enhanced material selection and soft-touch plastics almost throughout the cabin. Team this with greater sound insulation and the i10 is a seriously impressive, premium feeling city car.

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The i10’s compact size and short wheelbase ensure a fun driving experience, with the choice of either a manual or automatic transmission. Being compact, the i10 is also super easy to drive and ergonomics of the interior ensure a pleasant all-round driving experience.


City cars and superminis are usually rather small, and so practicality is sometimes lacking. With 5-doors as standard, the i10 is deceptively spacious. Boot space is also really good for a car of this size too.

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The i10 is not an expensive car, so older models tend to make a decent first car. Newer models will offer pretty much everything you could need for a car perfect for the city, as does the first generation. Overall, the i10 can appeal to those looking for a city car that offers more premium and sophisticated features than its competition. 

hyundai i10 car review


As standard, the i10 offers just enough of what you would expect from your typical city car. Anti-lock brakes, electric windows, body coloured bumpers and your usual safety features such as side, passenger and driver airbags.

Higher specification models are not too much more expensive and include a more premium selection of features such as alloys, climate control, cruise control, heated seats and parking sensors.


Small petrol engines are the only choice within the i10 world. This isn’t a bad thing, and a choice of 1, 1.1 and 1.2-litre engines are available, offering nippy performance and great economy ranging from 45 to 70mpg.

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