All of our cars go through a 104-point inspection before it’s yours. Because of our thorough checks, we know each car inside out - here's a bit about step 3 of our vehicle inspection.

Firstly, let’s talk servicing. A service is often seen as a costly annoyance but in reality, a service helps your car perform at its optimum in terms of reliability, safety and economy which means a great driving experience and long-term penny saving! So, at Car Store we ensure every car was serviced in the last 3 months, and if it wasn’t – we’ll service it before it’s sold to you.

All of the car's interior and exterior fixtures are covered here. We make sure the car's seats and seatbelts are working correctly, all glass and mirrors are free from cracks or chips, and that every door, lock, hinge, cover and cap does its job.

Every light, switch and control on the car is checked and confirmed working. We’ll also test the car's air conditioning system, instruments, wipers, windows and (with apologies to our neighbours) even sound the horn.