Out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind. Each car undergoes our rigorous 104-point inspection before sale, that’s because we want the car to drive, feel and look as good as possible for our customers. So, here’s step 4: Here's a run-down of what we look for when the car is up on the lift.

We pay a lot of attention to the braking system, after all we do rely on them to keep us safe. We check to see if the brake pads and discs have worn down as we want to ensure they are as efficient as possible when you drive away your new car, for total peace of mind. 

We’ll check the suspension system to ensure it's able to absorb impacts and give you a comfortable drive. Springs, dampers, anti-roll bars, fixings and mountings will all be inspected to make sure they're doing their job and are free from excessive corrosion. If a spring needs replacing, we'll repair both sides of the car, for safety reasons.
Underneath the car
The exhaust system is really important for keeping cars quiet and clean. We make sure everything in this system is secure, free from excessive corrosion and working correctly - including the manifold, silencer, pipes & hoses and catalytic converter. We check over the track rod ends to ensure that the wheels are perfectly aligned, which in turn ensures the correct steering geometry is maintained which means that your tyres will wear evenly saving money in the long term. This also keeps your steering responsive and safe.

The transmission sends power from your car's engine to the wheels. We make sure that every part of this system is working correctly - from the clutch and drive shaft all the way through to the hydraulics, cables and joints. They'll also check for signs of excessive corrosion, wear and leaks.