Each car undergoes our intensive 104-point inspection before sale, that’s because we want the car to drive, feel and look as good as possible for our customers. So, here’s step 2 of our checks: under the bonnet, the heart of the car.

We’ll check the car's fluids, including: engine oil, brake fluid, power steering, coolant and antifreeze. We make sure they're in good condition and that they’re all free from leaks. Did you know that having the correct oil levels prevents engine damage and also improves fuel economy; helping save you money in the long term?

We run the engine to check for excessive noise, smoke and fumes to ensure it’s in tip-top condition. The car's battery condition is also tested because after all, we all want our car to start when we need them, especially in the Winter months!

We make sure to check the cambelt in each car to keep it from slipping or snapping, which in turn protects your engine from any damage. Hoses, pipes and pumps are looked over to make sure they're securely fastened and free from excessive corrosion. All elements that are visible without dismantling any components will be checked!