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Jaguar XF

Luxury personified, with space, power and style for all passengers.

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Unveiled in 2007, the Jaguar XF is a mid-sized luxury car which replaced the Jaguar S-Type. It came at exactly the right time, and presented a bold new look for the typical Jaguar saloon car. The XF was completely different to the S-Type and showed the world where Jaguar design was heading and therefore presented much more modern and alluring styling.

Jaguar is renowned for luxury and the XF put Jaguar back on the map in terms of quality and luxury. It wasn’t just the outside that Jaguar paid close attention too, as climb inside the XF and the interior is also levels above its predecessor and therefore gave consumers a lot more to think about when choosing a luxury saloon car.

In typical Jaguar fashion, a powerful selection of engines and performance versions ensured the Jaguar XF is a stunning choice when it comes to selecting a luxury saloon car. The car also became available in a Sportbrake (estate) version from 2012.

front view jaguar xf


A classy alternative when it comes to choosing a luxury saloon. The elegance is complemented with just the right amount of muscular presence, this is of course amplified and reversed in the performance versions, which look properly serious.

Sculptured bodywork is met with subtle bulges in the bonnet, along with a prominent grille and headlight set-up. Sitting on finely styled alloy wheels the XF is the epitome of class and luxury.

As mentioned, the performance versions such as the XF R and XF-S take the muscular looks up to eleven, to give the XF dominating presence which allures the driver in wanting to unleash the big luxury cat!

side view jaguar xf


Aluminium and wood combine to create a luxurious and stylish ambiance, which is met with just the right amount of innovation, such as air vents which become apparent when you turn on the car, or swivel them into action via the touch of a button, to keep the dash premium looking and uncluttered.

Elsewhere material choice is impressive and the XF interior is supremely comfortable.

jaguar xf interior


The XF is an ultra-comfortable way to travel, certainly living up to the reputation Jaguar has created. Its low and wide stance ensure handling is good which for a saloon of this size is always impressive. Complemented by a fine choice of high-powered engines, the XF is a fine mix of luxury and performance.


With 4-doors and seating for 5 in complete comfort the XF offers decent levels of practicality, along with a big boot too. The Sportbrake enhances practicality and is perhaps one of the finest looking estate cars offered for sale.
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Jaguar’s XF is a fine premium saloon car choice. Ideal for those who like the finer things in life, along with the expectation of superior comfort. The XF has no trouble towing thanks to powerful and punchy engine choices.


As with many luxury vehicles, standard features on the Jaguar XF are impressive. Alloy wheels, cruise control, heated seats, heated mirrors, metallic paint, parking sensors, satellite-navigation and leather all come as standard.


Jaguar don’t do small engines. Instead, a grand selection of powerful engines fills the XF range offering exciting performance along with fine economy. Petrolheads will love the 5.0-litre V8 Supercharged engines, while those looking for economy and power will prefer the 2.2-litre and 3.0-litre diesels. Search Jaguar XF