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The BMW 5 Series is incredibly composed and has stand out looks but most of all gives you an engaging driving experience.

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It feels nigh on impossible to recall a time when the BMW 5 Series hasn’t ruled the executive car market. The formula has always been a simple yet effective one; handsome looks, great choice of engines, plenty of refinement and a good splash of driver involvement. Over the years there have been some cracking 5 Series models to choose from, making a used 5 Series a great value purchase.

used bmw 5 series car review


The 5 Series has always been an imposing car to see in your rear-view mirror. The large dimensions and aggressive styling have always meant the 5 Series is a meaty looking car, something that hasn’t changed through the generations. Each car has those distinctive headlights that make the 5 Series look unimpressed, while the distinctive ‘kidney’ grille is present and correct through each generation. There’s always a lot of small details that distinguish a 5 Series from its rivals, and they come together to make a big difference.

bmw 5 series interior review


The 5 Series is a premium executive car and has an interior to match. Take a seat inside and it doesn’t take long to notice just how well-made everything is; each button and surface feels exquisitely well-crafted, it really uplifts the interior. Technology such as iDrive and cruise control are welcome additions to any model alongside the raft of other features you get as standard on the 5 Series. What really astounds is the things we take for granted, the seats have been beautifully designed to hug you in all the right places and keep you comfortable, while the driving position is absolutely superb.

bmw 5 series car review


If you have driven any model of BMW, then you will know they drive extremely well. It’s not just a one-off either, every model released is designed to provide the ultimate driving machine. The 5 Series as you’d expect then is no exception. What is remarkable is that the 5 Series somehow manages to ride beautifully well without negatively affecting the balance and handling, the composure is astounding.

The 5 Series has always been applauded for the high level of refinement it provides. This isn’t simply absorbing a few bumps in the road; the interior is so well insulated from exterior road and wind noise that you could genuinely find yourself breaking the speed limit on the motorway without even realising – it’s that quiet inside. The engines and gearboxes provide effortless progress thanks to their pulling power and well-judged ratios, essential for devouring the miles in relaxation.


The 5 Series is a large car so as you can imagine there is a heap of space inside. You can seat three in the back without issue, and none of them will struggle for head or leg room. Look to the boot and you will find it seems to go on forever, there is loads of space for the weekly trip down to the supermarket; there’s even plenty of space for other shopping items should you need it. Fold the seats down and you have a fairly sizeable mini-van, essential for transporting furniture and completing tip runs.

used bmw 5 series review


The engines under the bonnet of a 5 Series have always been as majestic as the rest of the car. There is a range of petrol and diesel engines to choose from, all offering excellent pulling power and refinement – essential for motorway driving and making swift progress on a backroad. The performance versions have always been a hoot as well, offering ludicrous amounts of power and a delicious engine note – if you’re looking for one of these, we promise you won’t be disappointed.


The 5 Series is a fantastic all-round car to use on a daily basis. Thanks to the immense refinement and efficiency of this model, you will never find yourself tired after a long motorway journey. On the other hand, if you aren’t using this car for business, the massive amount of space on offer inside makes it a great family car. Typical of a BMW, the 5 Series is a great car to drive, making it a good investment for those who desire an engaging driving experience.

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