best cars for towing

Best cars for towing

Whether you're towing a caravan, boat or anything else, here are the best cars.

How do you find the right car for your towing needs? 

Finding the right car to tow with can be tricky business. You can quite easily test drive a car, but you don’t really get the opportunity to test drive whilst towing a caravan or trailer.

Whether you’re towing a caravan, horse box, boat or anything else you find yourself attaching to the back of the car, one thing is for definite, you need a suitable car to do so, and that’s where we come in.

British holidays are becoming increasingly more popular and, guess what, so is caravan towing. Whether you’re off to Skegness for the weekend or if you’re heading down to Cornwall to catch some waves, you want towing to be as simple, stress-free and as safe as possible.

One of the key factors when looking for a car for towing is towing capacity, as you want it to be able to handle big loads which are sometimes unavoidable.

Making sure the car has great visibility is also up there on the priority list whilst towing. With such a large obstruction on the back of the vehicle, extra time and space is always needed before performing any kind of manoeuvre. Having that good visibility will allow you to check your whole surroundings. However, for maximised visibility it is always advised that you fit extended wing mirrors to your vehicle whilst towing.

To make it easier, we’ve put together what we think are the top 10 cars around at the moment for towing to pull you into choosing the right vehicle for you.

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