Used Audi Q5 car review

Audi Q5 review

A superb SUV that blends excellent build quality, practicality, style and execution.

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Sitting in the middle of the ever-expanding Audi SUV range, the Q5 was introduced in 2008, slotting in below the Q7 and above the Q3 in terms of size. The Q5 is now joined by the Q2 and Q8, giving buyers a wealth of choice when contemplating the purchase of an Audi SUV. With the mid-sized Q5, you can take advantage of a number of factors. First of all, the Q5 is sharply styled and oozes premium sophistication. Climb aboard and you'll notice the Q5's spacious interior, large boot and a beautifully crafted interior. To drive, the Q5 has very similar traits to a car, meaning the Q5 is a superbly well-rounded SUV offering.

Audi Q5 car review


First introduced in 2008, the exterior style of the Q5 portrays the classic Audi sophistication and class. Compared to its siblings, you can see the size difference and the Q5 slots in well alongside rivals in the mid-sized SUV segment. Sharp details such as the front grille and headlights give the Q5 a dominating presence, which gets more focused if you opt for the dynamic SQ5. 2016 saw the second-generation Q5 introduced, with even more focused styling, and sharper detailing. It really does look every bit as classy as you would expect from a car created by Audi. Chrome door mirrors and grille detail add a touch more class and style, but you wouldn't ever call the Q5 over the top. It is quite simply a classy, sophisticated take on the SUV body style.

Used Audi Q5 interior review


Audi sure know a thing or two about making stunning interior spaces. Each model in the Audi range is beautifully crafted when it comes to the interior and the Q5 is no different. The cabin is spacious and has plenty of space for five in complete comfort. Switches and control are beautifully ergonomic and the latest models feature the incredible Audi virtual cockpit, which is nothing short of stunning. Of course, being an SUV, practicality is important, and therefore the Q5 is complemented by a huge boot and load space, ensuring you will never be complaining of needing more space.

Used Audi Q5 car review


SUVs of old have always suffered from a poor driving experience. The raised driving position means the handling and the overall driving experience have been somewhat diluted. However, really good SUV models mirror the driving experience of a car, and the Audi Q5 is no different. The Q5 offers confident handling and dynamic performance, meaning it feels completely at home on the road and in everyday situations. If we are honest, off-road it is okay, but it will not rival the proper off-road vehicles out there, but then again the SUV is only really meant for gravel, sand, country lanes etc.


SUV models are all about offering a more attractive package, for those looking for the perfect family car. One of the enhanced factors is that of practicality, and the Q5 offers incredible enhancements over the average family car. For one, there is the overall look and feel. It feels very premium and this is complemented by comfortable seating, plenty of space and a huge boot for carrying all your families luggage with sheer ease. It is simply a super all-round SUV and will make family life an absolute doddle.

Used Audi Q5 car review

Engines and transmissions

Medium-sized in Audi's SUV range, there is no denying the Q5 is a substantially large car. To ensure this sharp Audi SUV has enough power for every occasion, the smallest engine available is a 2.0-litre - available in both petrol and diesel. Of course, the diesel is more economical and the petrol tends to hold more performance, unless it is the SQ5 - which uses a 3.0-litre diesel in the first generation, and is the range-topping model. In the latest generation, the SQ5 uses a 3.0-litre petrol engine, but the most powerful is the SQ5 powered by a 3.0-litre BiTurbo diesel engine. Transmission options come in the commonplace manual and automatic variants, but you'll probably find the auto a much more attractive proposition and much easier to live with.


A fine sports utility vehicle, and a really good, premium one at that. The superb Audi Q5 would suit those who love the enhanced practicality, as well as having a vehicle that looks the part and would not look out of place in a five star hotel car park, or alternatively on a mountain trail with mountain bikes attached. It is also an excellent family car and would suit family duties, as well as being the perfect cruiser to cover long distance in complete comfort when required.