Used Audi A6 car review

Audi A6 review

An excellent saloon or estate car that oozes practicality, sophistication, style and performance

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First introduced in 1994, the Audi A6 has gone from strength to strength and is undoubtedly one of the best premium executive cars out there, with a renowned performance version that is famous for delivering supercar performance in an ultra practical Avant (estate) in the form of the RS6. Available in two fantastically practical body shapes - a conventional saloon along with a more practical estate. As premium cars go, the A6 is sharply styled and is the epitome of understated class. Superb levels of fit, finish and space, along with a rich choice of engines ensure the A6 cannot be ignored when looking for the perfect executive car.

Used Audi A6 car review


A perfect balance of understated style is met by the exterior of the A6, no matter if you choose the saloon or estate. Higher specification models such as the S Line offer much more attractive body styling, and exterior details such as larger alloy wheels, dynamic body styling and an overall more attractive and premium look. RS6 models take this even further and look incredibly sophisticated, if a little menacing. Chrome detailing on grilles, roof rails and door mirrors add a touch of class to proceedings, but just like every other Audi in the range, the A6 doesn't shout about it, it simply doesn't need too.

Audi A6 interior review


If it is one thing Audi know a thing or two about, it's how to make a stunning interior. In the latest models, the stunning Audi virtual cockpit ensures the interior really does provide the wow factor, which is complemented perfectly by a interior ambiance of quality, thanks to the use of a selection of quality materials and ergonomic control layouts. Older generation models still give driver and passengers a real sense of premium and comfort, and each generation of the A6 features excellent levels of build quality - which is felt by all who experience the A6.

Used Audi A6 car review


In terms of size, the A6 is a substantially sized executive saloon/estate and so it is not the most nimble of cars. However, the A6 devours mileage in complete comfort and with great ease. The driving experience is assured and accomplished, and the performance S6 and RS6 versions are unbelievable thanks to power ranging from 414 bhp to almost 600 bhp - meaning 60 mph is dealt with in around 4.5 seconds in the S6 and an unbelievable 3.6 seconds in the RS6. Like many Audi models, the A6 is perhaps one of the most pleasant daily drive vehicles available.


As the A6 is available as a large saloon, or practical Estate (Avant) the A6 doesn't doesn't really suffer from practicality issues. As you would expect, the Estate is more practical with a hugely spacious boot and load area, along with providing space for five in complete comfort. Quattro all-wheel drive means practicality can be used all year round too, along with ensuring the A6 stays glued to the road, giving you the confidence to undertake the harshest of weather in complete comfort and ease too.

Used Audi A6 car review

Engines and transmissions

An excellent selection of large petrol and diesel engines are available. Manual and automatic transmission choices are available, but the automatic is much more desirable due to the A6's size, which makes life a whole lot easier. The automatic is so effortless in its operation too, and within the performance models such as the RS6 means vast amounts of ground can be covered at an impressive rate, in complete comfort and awe. Despite the large size, the A6 range still manages to achieve decent economy, which ranges between 30 and 60 mpg.


The Audi brand is a sought-after marque and so appeals to a number of lifestyles. The A6 will appeal to those of an executive statue, and those who want a premium car, that can make light work of family life - without the need to follow the growing trend of an SUV as the main family car. The Audi RS6 is perhaps the world's most practical performance car, and so will appeal to a number of petrolheads, as will the slightly less powerful S6. In short, if you are after an executive car that is the perfect daily driver, the Audi A6 is a more than safe bet.