Minor Damage

Minor Damage Repair Cover

Protect yourself against the cost of repairing minor scratches and dents on your car

What's minor damage repair cover?

It's really annoying to find minor scratches or little dents on your car, not only do they spoil your car's great looks, but they affect its value too.

Even small dents or scratches can cost a lot to repair, and involving the insurance company creates a lot of hassle and paperwork.

Our Minor Damage Repair Cover covers you against the cost of repairing these imperfections in your car's bodywork, keeping it looking shiny and new, even when it's a few years old. Best of all, you needn't involve your insurance company.

What are the benefits of Minor Damage Repair Cover?

  • Helps towards keeping your car in pristine condition
  • Cover for 24 or 36 months
  • Protects your No Claims Bonus
  • Repairs are carried out by an approved repairer
  • Protects the value of your vehicle

How much does Minor Damage Repair Cover cost?

24 Months' Cover

36 Months' Cover




What's covered under Minor Damage Repair Cover?

The cost of a SMART repair where accidental minor cosmetic damage occurs to the bodywork of your vehicle (excluding the roof) as a result of day-to-day motoring.

Minor cosmetic damage to the following:

  • A minor dent to a metal body panel, not exceeding 30cm in diameter
  • A minor scratch, not exceeding 30cm in length
  • A scuffed bumper, which is less than 30cm in diameter
  • A scratched or scuffed wing mirror cover/casing, where the damage is less than 30cm in diameter

A maximum of fifteen (15) repairs during the policy term, up to a maximum of £3,000 including VAT in total.

A contribution of up to £150 including VAT towards a bodyshop repair, where the minor cosmetic damage falls within the 30cm covered area and isn't repairable using a SMART repair technique.

What's not covered under Minor Damage Repair Cover?
  • Any minor cosmetic damage which isn't reported within 30 days of the incident date
  • Stone chip damage
  • Damage that isn't repairable by a SMART repair, is beyond minor cosmetic damage, or because of the extent or number of areas of damage, a bodyshop repair is required
  • Where the body panel, bumper or wing mirror is ripped, perforated, cracked or torn or there's damage to the structure and/or alignment
  • Damage to the roof, locks or handles, beading, mouldings, lamps, window panels, glass, tyres, wheels or wheel trims
  • Damage that has been accumulated over an extended period, which is deemed to be wear and tear, and damage showing evidence of rust, corrosion or hail impact
  • Any claim relating to damage caused by neglect or a deliberate, careless act or omission by you, or the cost of any routine maintenance or adjustments
  • Any damage that's the subject of a motor insurance claim
  • Consequential damage, loss or injury of any kind