Each car undergoes our intensive 104-point inspection before sale, that’s because we want the car to drive, feel and look as good as possible for our customers. So, here’s step 1: Bodywork.  

Even though you’re buying a used car, we still want you to have that same ‘new car feeling’ when picking up your wheels with us. To ensure that it’s picture-perfect, we check over for any cosmetic imperfections that the car may have gained over its pre-loved years. The following points are the areas our expert technicians check for during step 1:

What do we check?

Accident damage repair

Body panel alignment

Light lens damage

Trim damage

Grilles and bumper damage

Windscreen damage



Our cars are prepped to two different standards, Value and Approved. Our Approved cars will have slightly more cosmetic work in order to touch-up any imperfections and reduce visibility of minor wear. Our Value cars might have more visible signs of wear and tear in line with their age and mileage being higher – we still touch up their cosmetic work to an extent but naturally they will show slightly more signs of wear.

On our Approved cars we touch-up and rectify all dents, scratches and chips. However, with our Value cars being of higher age and mileage, you may find certain vehicles have scratches up to 20cm along with dents up to 10mm.