used toyota yaris review

Used Toyota Yaris review

Renowned for its reliability, if you are in the market for a dependable, smart and cutting-edge hatchback, you can't go wrong with a Yaris. 

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Launched in 1999, the compact Toyota Yaris had a number of positives, which made other manufacturers re-think their small cars. Why? The humble little Toyota was superb value for money and offered a fun driving experience. It was also beautifully inexpensive to run and buy. Despite its cost, the Yaris was still a superbly well-built car. Although it's compact supermini size, the Yaris was available in both three and five-door versions and was surprisingly spacious, especially in the five-door. In 2006, the Yaris was updated, but still managed to keep the traits of the original. Therefore it was even more spacious, thanks to bigger proportions, but make no mistake the Yaris was still a compact hatchback. In 2011 the latest model was launched, sporting a much sleeker and sophisticated appearance than its predessecors.

toyota yaris car review


Previous generation Yaris models are fairly 'cute' and feature typical supermini styling. Soft lines and fairly standard looking alloy wheel designs, with sporty models being few and far between - so don't expect any dominating aerodynamic features, or large alloy wheels. It's the latest facelift models which set the Yaris apart from their predecessors, as they feature the new age 'X-faced' front end design, giving the Yaris that real sharp, Japanese look. Combine this with the dual coloured body and you have a car that oozes premium and sophistication in impressively high levels, setting it apart from alternative superminis for all the right reasons. All generations feature 3 and 5-door variants too. 
toyota yaris interior review


Older generations of the Toyota Yaris feature basic but sturdy interiors with style very much in keeping with Toyota interiors of that particular era. Dials were set in the middle of the dashboard, which gave the dashboard a much cleaner and clutter-free look, if a little bare. Buttons and switches are rather large and feel a tad retro. That said, the interiors are robust and didn't over complicate the matter at hand. The main matter was providing a deceptively spacious interior, to say the least. The latest generation interior is worlds apart from previous generations, and features enhancements in materials, fit, finish and quality. The overall level has been raised to offer a much more premium supermini feel, with the dials finding home in the more conventional area behind the steering wheel.

used toyota yaris car review


The first-generation models feature fine handling, and their easy to drive nature has been replicated in later models too. Models are set up for comfort, rather than out and out dynamic ability, but there are a few models in the range which are suited to more spirited drivers - especially the latest GRMN Edition, which features a potent 209 bhp and is the Yaris' hottest ever model. There is also a unique hybrid in the latest variant too, which is able to return an ultra impressive 80 mpg, for those wanting a comfortable supermini that wont cost the earth to run.


Earlier versions of the Toyota Yaris are available in both a sporty looking 3-door, along with a more practical 5-door. The latest generation is only available in the more practical 5-door, although the overall look is still very sleek and sophisticated, and if we are honest, more hatchback cars are going the way of the more practical 5-door body style. Despite the Toyota Yaris' supermini compactness, the interior of each generation is surprisingly spacious, with a good sized boot thrown in too.

used toyota yaris review

Engines and transmissions 

The Yaris' compact dimensions mean engines within the range don't need to be massive, in order to deliver sufficient power and fine economy to the Yaris' compact supermini proportions. Therefore engines tend to range from small and peppy 1.0-litres, up to a fairly compact 1.5-litres, with the exception of the 1.8-litre supercharged GRMN Limited Edition. Transmissions options available in the Toyota Yaris range are the usual manual and automatic choices. Both are really easy to operate and match the simplicity of the Yaris supermini, giving suitable performance and mean you won't have to worry about getting friendly with your local petrol station. 


Compact and stylish, practical and spacious, the Toyota Yaris is a superb little car that ticks so many boxes. Due to its minimal running costs, the Yaris is perfect for those after a practical and hugely reliable car that will not break the bank. It is the ideal first car, along with being a perfect city runaround. Superminis are not famed for their comfort, and tend to fall out of their comfort zone on long journeys. However, the Yaris is not out of its depth on the motorway at all, and provides a pleasant driving experience none the less.