toyota aygo review

Toyota Aygo review

Good-looking and reliable - the Toyota Aygo is the dependable city car that you'll love owning. Here's why they make a great purchase.

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Introduced in 2005, the Aygo was the answer for those who needed a small city car that was inexpensive to run on a daily basis. Here's a fun fact for you, Toyota built the car in conjunction with Citroen and Peugeot as part of a joint-deal. Ever thought the Aygo, Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107 look similar? It's because they are. The Aygo has certainly proven popular, remaining a consistent performer for Toyota because of its reliability, excellent road manners and those all-important low running costs. Residuals remain strong on the Aygo because of its dependability and quirky styling, making it a fine investment on the second-hand market.

toyota aygo car review


Despite being around since 2005, the Aygo didn't undergo a transformation until 2014. This may come as a surprise, but the reality is that the Aygo has always been a good-looking car. We are especially fond of the first generation Aygo that simply looks happy because of the shape of its headlights and lower grille. Later models incorporate an 'x' style face along with sharper lines and a range of new body colours that helped to bring the Aygo bang up to date. The black glass tailgate has been a mainstay of the Aygo since its introduction and is one of the car's unique identifiers.

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Regardless of the generation of Aygo you choose, you can expect an interior that has been well constructed using good quality materials. The design and layout of the cabin is more simplistic than higher end models (those savings are transferred to you), but despite that, the switch gear is well thought out and the general entertainment systems are well designed. Refinement levels are surprisingly good for an inexpensive city-car, while the seats provided are very comfortable for use on a daily basis. Opt for a later model Aygo and the centre dash benefits from a touchscreen built by Pioneer.

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The Aygo feels most at home in the city (shocking, we know) because of its compact dimensions and ability to nip into small spaces in traffic. On top of this, the Aygo is incredibly easy to park in tight spaces. The Aygo's abilities go further than excelling in the urban environment, because it drives exceedingly well when you leave the city for the open road. The soft suspension comfortably irons out imperfections in the roads, while the sharp and direct steering make the Aygo surprisingly sprightly through a series of corners.


Oh boy. Urm, it has some rear seats where people can sit. It also has a boot where you can put a few shopping items. To top this all off, you get some cup holders - lovely.

used toyota aygo car review

Engines and transmissions

The Aygo has been fitted with some very efficient engines over the years, including a frugal diesel for those who spend a fair amount of time outside the urban jungle. The 3-cylinder petrol engines are little gems because of their blend of performance (remember, this car weighs under 900kg) and fuel efficiency. It's also important to remember that this is a Toyota, meaning these engines will last for a long time if maintained properly. Each engine can be mated to a standard 5-speed manual gearbox or smooth automatic transmission. Both are a pleasure to use, so it all comes down to your personal driving style.


The Aygo is a popular car for all of the reasons listed throughout this article. However, the Aygo's popularity is ultimately owed to its ability to appeal to a wider audience. The Aygo is a great-looking car that looks sharp and drives well, making it perfect for city inhabitants who pride themselves on making an impression. Alternatively, the inexpensive running costs mean the humble Aygo is a great option for drivers who have just passed their test. On top of this, the sprightly chassis and peppy engine selection make the little Toyota a decent steer, because no-one ever said driving entertainment has to cost an arm and a leg.