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How can I get more for my car when I sell it?

There’s a number of ways you can sell your car, but obviously you want to get the best price you can. Private buyers are always looking to negotiate on a price that suits them. We have some top tips on how to get more cash for your car.

Is it squeaky clean?

Cars are much more appealing when they’re sparkling. Your buyer will pay more if they see something is kept in good condition. Wash and wax your car for long term shininess.

It sounds simple but if your car doesn’t look clean, inside and out, then it could put a potential buyer off, losing out on the money you think your car is worth. If it looks great then someone is more likely to pay top whack for it. Make sure you’ve de-cluttered the boot and other compartments too.

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Check your tyres

How are your tyres looking? Get them checked over, and make sure they’re inflated to the suggested pressure for your vehicle. This can be found in the car hand-book if you’re unsure. Buyers will think your car hasn’t been looked after, if tyres look old and deflated. Don’t forget to check the tyre tread too. If you’re tyres are looking worn then you’ll lose your buyer straight away.


MOT or service it

If your MOT or service is due soon then you may wish to renew it now. This can increase the value of your car as your buyer will trust that the car is likely to run for longer. It can be a pain, but it’s more likely to sell if it’s recently been serviced, so it could be better in the long run.


Top-up your oil and washer levels

If your potential buyer is going to take your car for a spin, they’re going to want a smooth ride. Don’t put them off by having no washer available or the oil light coming on. This is good for your safety as well as theirs!

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Show off the paperwork

A savvy buyer may want to see records of servicing and MOTs from down the years, as well as the V5C document, so be prepared to have these to hand if available to you. You may also want to have the driver’s handbook to hand as some people will be keen to get to know the car better.

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