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Welcome to our pet zone! You’ll find everything here that involves pets and cars, simple!

You can find our pet blogs, anything from pet safety in the car, to having a giggle at car and animal related things. Not to mention the best cars for pets, to help you when you’re thinking of getting a new ride for you and your pawgeous friends.

By the way, all our stores are pet friendly, so bring them along!

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Pets in store, try before you buy

We’re not like your regular car dealer. We’re pet friendly! In fact, we love when our fans and friends visit the store with their pets. Go on, bring your Dogs, Cats or even Rabbits. We hope they like cuddles! Our associates are always on hand to greet new furry friends through the door. We’re hosting our ‘Loves Pets’ event, so be sure to bring them along, there’ll be free goody bags with treats for them!

Worried your pet won’t fit in the new car you just bought? We’ll let you try before you buy! It’s an arduous task looking for your next set of wheels, so bring along your pets and test them out for size! We’ll have the best pet friendly cars on display for you to browse and see what set of wheels your pet feels most comfortable in.

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If you're planning on travelling with pets, we have helpful tips to make those trips more enjoyable 

If you’re planning to hit the road and take your pet along, be sure to take the right precautions when it comes to pet safety. If you’ve got a long journey planned and unsure how your pet behaves in the car, do some simple short test runs to get them comfortable a head of a long drive. See our pet safety tips for advice on travelling with your furry friends.

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How many cars can you name that are named after animals?

Automakers and designers are often inspired by animals when it comes to their next work of art. Have a read and see if you think some of these cars resemble the animal they're named after.

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Ever seen a car that looks familiar? Maybe like an animal?

We've found five of the best animal and car look a like! Check it out for yourself if you don't believe us. We hope you think they're as funny as we do.

Cars that look like animals