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The smooth crossover that is bold and adaptable to driving in all conditions.

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Ever since its introduction in 2006, the Nissan Qashqai (which is built in Britain) has proved to be a sales smash hit with UK customers. The first incarnation received a major round of interior and exterior improvements in 2010, and was replaced with an all-new generation Qashqai in early 2014 – you’ll find both first and second-generation cars in stock at Car Store, so we’ll run through the virtues of both here.

What makes the Qashqai so popular as a used car purchase is its blend of SUV practicality and hatchback-like performance, efficiency and driving experience – it really is the best of both worlds and claims to have invented the ‘crossover’ segment in the UK. 7-seat versions, named the Qashqai+2, were introduced in 2008 and discontinued in 2013.

nissan qashqai car review


Pre-2014 models are instantly recognisable as the car that started the ‘crossover’ revolution, with clear SUV-inspired styling that’s chunky and pleasing to the eye.

During 2014’s redesign, Qashqai models took on a more modern and contemporary look with Nissan’s familiar front-end styling and a more curvaceous body that gives it more of a premium look.

The vast majority of second-hand Qashqais on the market will come with body-coloured bumpers, alloy wheels and front fog lights as standard exterior features, but look out for higher-spec models with larger machine-polished alloys and chrome trim – they really do look the part.

nissan qashqai interior review


Durable and family-friendly easy-to-clean materials mean the Qashqai will stand up to the daily test of sticky fingers and muddy shoes. On higher-grade models, you’ll find luxuries such as auto climate control, cruise control and on later cars, lots of advanced safety tech too. 


Another aspect of the Qashqai which makes it so popular is the driving experience. You sit higher than in a regular hatchback, giving you a great view of the world around you and the road ahead. Other than that, though, it’s as easy to drive and as comfortable as a normal family hatchback with easy-to-operate controls and an intuitively laid-out dashboard.

nissan qashqai car review


Step inside the 5-door only Qashqai, and you’ll be immediately pleased by just how roomy it is. Thanks to its SUV-proportions, there’s plenty of room in the front and rear for passengers while the boot can easily handle pushchairs, weekly big shops and pets.  All Qashqais have at least 5 seats and will fit 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 kids comfortably. Qashqai+2 versions give you flexibility of 2 additional seats in the cargo area.


Because of the Qashqai’s flexibility as both a hatchback and an SUV, it’s as happy on the school run as it is on the motorway and around town. There are 4WD versions too, should you need that extra bit of capability.

nissan qashqai car review


There are a wide range of trim levels on the Qashqai, from the most basic spec Visia models right up to the Tekna and Tekna+ models, and everything in between. You can expect to see air con, cruise control and USB/Bluetooth connectivity on the majority of cars. Qashqais from 2014 onwards really placed a lot of emphasis on safety technology, so you’ll find forward-collision warning, emergency brake assist and blind spot monitoring on higher grades. 


The wildly popular 1.5 dCi diesel offers great economy and a smooth driving experience on both the first and second generation Qashqais, and more recent cars can be found with a 1.6 dCi diesel too, with a bit more power.

Petrol options on older cars include 1.6 and 2.0-litre units, while current generation Qashqais utilise smaller capacity 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engines for increased economy without any loss of performance. Both manual and automatic transmissions are available.

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