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Nissan's compact crossover that comes with space to spare as well as great internal features. 

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Usually it’s only supercars that divide opinions with their outrageous looks and quirky features. So, you can only imagine how much interest was generated when Nissan announced the Juke in 2010, an SUV that was the very definition of a ‘marmite car’. Despite the outlandish styling, the Juke has been a great performer for Nissan in recent years, with large numbers sold especially in Britain, meaning there are plenty of excellent used examples to snap up.

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Nissan certainly broke the mould when they released the Nissan Juke, here was a car that didn’t adhere to the similar and mundane design that other manufacturers were implementing with their vehicles.

For example, the fog lamps were larger than the headlights themselves, while the roofline slopes downwards and then immediately drops for the boot. It’s interesting how the features of the Juke utilise sharp edges, while the main body of the car boasts some smooth curves.

A raised ride height paired with a selection of stylish wheels complement the unique design of the body very well.

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A favourite feature of ours is the Nissan Dynamic Control System that is built into the central dashboard, it allows you to change the characteristics of the car at the touch of a button; whether you want to have some fun on some back roads, or want to maximise fuel efficiency, you can tailor the experience to your mood.

Besides that, the rest of the interior benefits from some good quality materials that have been bolted together pretty well for maximum longevity.

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The important thing to remember from the offset is that the Juke is a compact crossover, it was never designed to attack back roads. However, Nissan have made a conscious effort to make the Juke a pleasure to drive; steering is sharp and accurate, while the suspension keeps the car nicely planted through twisty roads.

The Juke is well insulated from road noise, making it a great long-distance cruiser, while the supple suspension ensures the majority of Britain’s rough road surfaces are soaked up with ease.


A massive benefit of the Juke being a compact crossover is its all-round ability on the open road and in the city. The Juke is big enough to feel like a large car without being overbearing, while it is compact enough to work well in a city (ideal for parking).

There’s a generous amount of space inside the Juke, which is impressive considering it’s a compact crossover. In the back there is plenty of space for the kids, while the boot is large enough to accommodate your weekly trip to the supermarket.

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There is a range of petrol and diesel engines available (along with manual or automatic gearboxes), each variant offers a sprightly driving experience and excellent fuel efficiency. We particularly like the Nismo RS edition that utilises a turbocharged 1.6-litre engine and produces over 200bhp.


There is a reason SUVs such as the Nissan Juke are big business at the moment, they are great all-round vehicles for use on a daily basis. If you opt for a variant with four-wheel drive, the Juke is surprisingly good when the road runs out, this is also helped by the raised ground clearance.

The roomy interior also means there is plenty of space for pets on a long-distance trip away with the family. However, the Juke isn't completely family biased, because it is so cheap to run and insure, you’d be surprised to know that they are becoming increasingly popular cars for drivers who have just passed their test.

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