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Nissan produce vehicles suitable for everyone, from practical models to their sports cars that have been derived from their racing heritage. Their mission statement is ‘Innovation for all’, meaning that they are a brand that are always coming up with new ideas to suit everyone.  

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Nissan have a range of city-friendly hatchbacks - such as the Micra - which has massively evolved over the years into a sportier design. The Micra is the perfect vehicle for someone who does a lot of city driving, as it’s very comfortable and economical, and whilst it’s still a small car, it has more space than you’d expect.

If you’re looking for a compact or small SUV, a Nissan Juke could be the perfect model for you. The Juke is a versatile model, providing space for five passengers and luggage; the seats can also be folded down to create more space should you need it. The Juke has many trim levels available, which includes the hot Nismo RS performance version.

The Qashqai model took the virtues of a hatchback and an SUV and merged them together, making it great for most road conditions and an excellent option for a sturdy family car. The Qashqai offers passengers a smooth ride, with great suspension sucking up bumps and potholes. It also offers generous leg room as well as a large boot space.

The rest of our used Nissan range is made up of the all-electric LEAF; performance cars such as the 370Z and GT-R, and excellent commercial vehicles – such as the Navara pick-up and NV200 van. 

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