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We’re thrilled to announce that we recently partnered with YCN (You Can Now), which connects students in the UK with their New Now programme.

Our partnership gives students a learning network and opportunity to have an input in one of our marketing campaigns. Every year there are 100s of submissions, and 1000s of students who engage with the brand partners participating, like us. We can be seen alongside brands such as KFC and Childline.

Our brief is currently live until March, where the associates will then judge the submissions we’ve received. This is a fantastic partnership for us, connecting with students and our fans & friends of the future, who can have an input on the way we do things. Students and graduates in the UK are eligible for submissions.

Check out our current brief here.

We’re really excited to receive creative input and work closely with students, to shout about our Car Store brand and the innovative position we hold with universities. We’ll be sharing updates as we work closely with YCN, so keep a look out to see what’s happening with our campaigns.