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Although the E-Class name first appeared in 1993, the E-Class legacy begins further back in history with a number of luxury Mercedes-Benz saloons establishing the E-Class’ reputation as a means of first-class transport.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is available predominantly as a saloon, although it is also available in a coupe, estate and convertible too. Interestingly, the 'E-Class' has been around since 1953, yet the E-Class name wasn't used until 1993. With such a history, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is an icon of the range, and has a reputation for refinement, class and sophistication.

Today, the E-Class sits fairly near the top of the luxury models offered by Mercedes-Benz. It is offered in a number of body styles including a sophisticated saloon, gorgeous coupe, striking cabriolet and ultra-practical estate.

used mercedes-benz e class car review


Mercedes-Benz isn’t one of the world’s most recognisable brands by chance. Their sophisticated and ultra-stylish array of cars are lusted after worldwide, and are renowned for their quality, technology and class.

Each body style, regardless of era is elegantly designed, an oozes class and quality. The Coupe and Cabriolet will always edge it in terms of overall panache thanks to their sleeker body shapes, yet the saloon and estate are undoubtedly the more mature and practical options, and portray understated class in great measure.

The fourth generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible is wonderfully stylish, especially with the top down, although it's a long way from ugly with the roof up. It typifies the class and prestige of a Mercedes-Benz. The fifth generation from 2017 onwards manages to enhance these characteristics even further. The E-Class really is the epitome of it's name; class. 

mercedes-benz e class interior review


Mercedes-Benz interiors are as to be expected - the E-Class is an executive, luxury car after all. No matter which body style, you’ll enjoy a spacious and exceptional refined interior, with an exceptionally solid feel. Of course, the estate body style offers more space and coupe will offer a little less, but you cannot help but be impressed with the overall interior ambiance from any E-Class.

used mercedes-benz e class


Ultra-refined, each body style of the E-Class gives a wonderfully comforting drive and experience. Regular versions are more for touring than for gaining the feedback of a truly exciting drive. Although, if you were to select any full-on AMG model, you will enjoy the full drama and excitement the AMG brand delivers, with dominating performance and tremendous sound.

Normally, a convertible loses most of its rigidity and poise in comparison to a coupe, saloon or estate. Despite this, Mercedes-Benz have ensured the E-Class Convertible still drives well. The handling is genuinely impressive for a convertible car, but then again Mercedes-Benz know a thing or two about quality. Larger wheels will of course make the car ride much firmer, and so will sporty trim levels with lowered suspension. 


As you would expect, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate is the most practical and spacious variant of E-Class, followed by the Saloon which is followed by the Coupe and finally the Cabriolet. 

Saloon and estate have more doors, but each E-Class offers fine amounts of space and comfort for transporting four or five people effortlessly.

It's safe to say that people don't tend to buy four-seater convertibles for practicality. That said, the E-Class isn't a small car so you do get quite a bit of space. Driver and passenger space is good, yet rear space is really only suitable for children, due to the swooping lines, and therefore lower roof-line of the E-Class Cabriolet. 


Mercedes-Benz offer a wide range of engine choice. Choose from a 1.8-litre petrol engine, all the way up to 5.5-litre petrol in the fourth generation. Power is set between 167bhp all the way up to just over 400bhp. With economy ranging between 20mpg-58mpg. Of course, the powerful versions are not exactly great on fuel, but of course diesel variants are a little more economical. Later fifth generation models tend to range between just under 200bhp, all the way up to around 430bhp. Again, available with petrol and diesel fuel choice, with the diesels being far more economical. Automatic transmissions are common place, as with a luxury car of this nature.
mercedes-benz e class car review


A Mercedes-Benz is a icon in the automotive industry for class, style and sophistication. The E-Class Convertible of course adheres to this character, yet there is something more with any convertible. This is definitely a car for those who like to be seen and is perhaps an extension of their own unique and personal style. With a saloon, coupe and estate E-Class available too, the beauty of the E-Class is that the customers that buy these cars, dependent on body style can be so very different, despite the car being the same model - just in a different body style.


Mercedes-Benz is a bona fide premium car, so standard features are very good and include sought-after features such as alloy wheels, heated mirrors and seats and parking sensors. Of course, go up the trim levels and Mercedes-Benz models come loaded with incredible technology – Mercedes-Benz seem to have a habit of being the trailblazer when it comes to technology in cars. For example, you can get Night Vision on the E-Class, as well as multiple driver safety aids.


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