used mercedes-benz c class car review

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Great premium choice that delivers on space, technology and power.

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Comfy, laden with technology and filled to the brim with elegance, the C-Class has been one of Mercedes’ best-selling vehicles for good reason. Smart styling paired with class-leading design makes the premium C-Class a great car for a variety of audiences, especially the working family professional who spends a lot of time on Britain’s motorways.

mercedes-benz c class car review


Looks are always going to be subjective, but we certainly think the C-Class is a good-looking car. The sleek lines and smooth contoured edges that feature on all C-Classes ensure the car looks fresh and up to date as the years roll by.

There is a host of trim levels to choose from with any generation of C-Class, some are subtle and therefore perfect for those who only want the Mercedes for technology and luxury; while the sportier trims bring bigger wheels, small body kits and larger exhausts, essential for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

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Mercedes have been very clever with the C-Class, while the fundamentals of the car is biased towards an immensely comfortable ride, the sportier trims that were mentioned earlier bring a host of changes underneath. Those changes involve stiffer suspension, wider and lower profile tyres as well as sharper steering; these changes combine to make the C-Class a very eager car to drive on backroads.

If you aren’t after a car that is designed to devour corners, then the trim levels that aren’t sports orientated boast a huge level of class-leading comfort. Regardless of the trim you choose, each C-Class is very refined, so much so you’ll be questioning whether or not you’re actually doing the speed limit on the motorway.


The C-Class is the ultimate mile-munching machine because of its incredible refinement and large interior. The large boot and generous amount of space in the rear of the cabin makes the C-Class a great family car; because it’s packed with safety features and driver aids, you can have peace of mind that your little ones are in safe hands.

used mercedes c class review


There is a huge number of petrol and diesel engines to choose from, from frugal diesel motors right up to the bonkers AMG petrol engines, the C-Class can just about accommodate the need of any motorist and their requirements. It only makes sense that there is a variety of gearboxes to complement the engines, each gearbox offers excellent refinement on the move and the automatics provide seamless gearchanges. 


A refined cabin, engine and gearbox make the C-Class an excellent choice for the working professional who spends a good chunk of their time on Britain’s motorways. Regardless of the engine chosen, the Mercedes will happily devour the miles, leaving you fresh and ready to go at your destination. Opt for a sportier trim and the C-Class is a very fun car to drive indeed, it’s proof you don’t need a designated sports car to enjoy proper driving roads.

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