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Mercedes-Benz is a brand known worldwide for luxury vehicles across a massive range of segments and body styles, including hatchbacks, SUVs, sportscars and of course saloon cars.

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The A-Class provides the entry level to Mercedes-Benz ownership and is more popular than ever before as a used car. This is thanks to its mix of premium branding and being affordable and practical with a hatchback shape and economical engines.

Need something with a bit more room? The B-Class is a larger, more practical hatchback that allows you to fold the rear seats for larger objects or shopping bags, and it makes a great family car too.

The brand has always excelled at producing saloon cars too, and the C-Class, E-Class and S-Class come in a range of petrol and diesel engines along with some of the finest automatic transmissions available for smooth and comfortable driving.

Premium-brand SUVs have become very popular as used cars in recent years, and the Mercedes-Benz range is no different. The GLC model is a ready-for-anything vehicle, perfect in the city or in the countryside thanks to its rugged yet relatively compact design, and it’s even available as a coupe. The GLE follows a similar design philosophy (both SUV and coupe available) but is larger and more practical.

Sporty models include convertible versions of the C and E-Class as well as the SLC, and you should look out for bonkers AMG models too, which pack a hugely powerful punch.

All used Mercedes-Benz models are high spec, with some even including advanced features such as a 360-degree camera and lane keep assist.

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