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Great looking powerhouse that has monstrous off-roading capabilities for any adventure.

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The original Range Rovers utilised a lot of angles, it was more what we would class as functional. Look to a modern Range Rover and you’ll see smooth curves and some stunning features that really place the car firmly above rivals. Any model of Range Rover you see is guaranteed to be an imposing site due to the sheer size of them, they are massive! Interestingly, although modern design is incorporated into the car these days (as you’d expect), the basic shape has remained true to the original – which you could argue is quite charming.

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Range Rover and luxury go hand-in-hand these days, it’s what Land Rover has built the brand around. Stepping inside a Range Rover will always give you that warm feeling that you’ve just stepped into something rather special. On top of the copious amounts of leather and expensive materials used to create just about every component inside; what consistently strikes you is just how well designed everything is. Everything has a purpose and there is no unnecessary rubbish surrounding you; everything you need is within easy reach and has simply been well built – it’s refreshing to say the least.

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Although the Range Rover was primarily designed to be an off-roading machine, realistically a large percentage of them are used as a way of devouring tarmac. There’s no issue with this because they are exceptionally good at this task too, as it turns out. We’re not too sure how the boffins at Land Rover manage it, but they somehow manage to consistently create a vehicle that can soak up every bump on Britain’s roads, without adversely affecting other parts of the car. On top of this ability to provide a silky-smooth ride, the Range Rover is incredibly well insulated from road and wind noise, meaning you can sit back in the large leather seats.

It seems rude not to mention the car’s immense off-roading abilities, since it was built for that after all. Land Rover are pretty savvy when it comes to off-roading, and all of their technology can be in every generation of Range Rover. It is astonishing just how effortless off-roading is in one of these cars, you can physically feel the car working out how to tackle the next obstacle it faces – and it always succeeds. 


Well, the Range Rover is a pretty big vehicle, so as you can imagine you won’t be struggling for space inside. Head room isn’t going to be an issue unless you’re a professional basketball player (although LeBron James doesn’t struggle), while leg room in the back is incredibly generous too. Head to the boot and you’ll find a massive amount of space for all your outdoor gear, food shopping and family pets. You can do and move just about anything with a Range Rover.

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Traditionally, there has always been a range of petrol and diesel engines to choose from. All available in different sizes and configurations and all offering immense pulling power. Range Rovers of old always had a drinking problem to say the least, but thankfully the gift of modern technology means they are surprisingly respectable on fuel these days – always a winner in our eyes. Interestingly, some of the latest models are available as plug-in hybrids, which means lower emissions when driving – it also means you might actually receive an invitation to the annual fundraisers hosted by Green Peace (lucky you).


The Range Rover is a British icon and seems to fit in wherever it goes. If you enjoy mud-plugging and days out with the family, the Range Rover doesn’t mind getting plastered with dirt and wet grass. On the other hand, a Range Rover always seems to look at home in front of the local Michelin Star restaurant, such is the beauty and elegance of them. The torquey engines also make these cars very good for towing.

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