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Range Rover Evoque

A dominating presence on any road and will deliver on performance and style.

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The Range Rover Evoque was put into production in 2011, and immediately there was a positive reaction from the press - and more importantly - the people who were buying them. Here was a compact and luxurious SUV that would work well in the city, on the motorway and off-road. Over the years, there have been a couple of tweaks alongside a few special editions – ultimately, the Evoque has been a success for many reasons and continues to sell well because of this.

range rover evoque review


There is no escaping just how good looking the compact Evoque is; the design focuses on minimalism and reduction, and this can be seen throughout the body of the car, with no fussy detailing.

The distinctive silhouette places emphasis on a sloping roofline and a high belt line, it all helps to create compact dimensions that look well proportioned. Place those proportions on some slick looking wheels and add a quality paintjob, and it’s guaranteed the Evoque won’t look out of place at any high-end establishment.


used range rover evoque review


Think of a Range Rover, and typically the first pictures that enter your mind are those of luxury and excellent design. The reason for that is simple, because every modern Range Rover encapsulates those exact traits into the interior. You can see the minimalism aspect once again, there is no vulgar and brash design features here, just a simple and elegant cockpit that is a joy to spend time in.

On top of the classy design, it’s immensely hard to find a part of the interior that doesn’t utilise a quality feeling material, everything is just fantastically well-made. The seats wrap around you like a reassuring grandparent, while the central dashboard and controls are slightly elevated so you don’t have to reach down to adjust anything. We like the Evoque’s interior, we like it a lot.

used range rover evoque


The engineers down at Land Rover have managed to achieve something we thought impossible; they created a compact crossover SUV that has the handling excitement of a sporty hatchback, but has the silky-smooth ride of its bigger brother. Going into the city, the Evoque is a very accomplished car, it keeps you isolated from noise while ironing out all the bumps in the road.

The well insulated cabin also does well on the open road, wind and road noise is kept to a minimum, and most of the time you feel like you’re floating over the road because it is that smooth. We’re pleased to announce the Evoque isn’t just a pretty face, it is incredibly capable when the tarmac runs out. Land Rover have included a hefty chunk of their off-roading DNA into the Evoque, and this reflects, because the car can tackle just about any obstacle that it comes across.   


There’s a few petrol and diesel engines to choose from, all benefitting from Jaguar Land Rover’s latest engine technology, meaning you can get an excellent amount of power in a clean and efficient package. Regardless of the engine you choose, you will benefit from class-leading refinement, which takes a good chunk of stress out of those long-distance journeys. Each engine is available with a manual or automatic gearbox, both providing seamless gear changes and excellent efficiency.

range rover evoque rear


Compact SUVs are all the fashion these days because of the practicality they offer on a daily basis. The Evoque has a spacious interior, and despite the sloping roofline, taller people won’t be struggling for headroom in the back of the cabin. The boot space isn’t the largest in the world, but not many crossovers have a large boot in general; the opening is large though, and you can fold the rear seats down to create a decent storage space. The elevated ride height makes getting in and out the car much easier, while the wide opening doors mean you can fit a baby seat without issue.


The Evoque was designed for the fashionistas from the offset, and is therefore a very good car for families who live in the urban environment. On the flipside of that, the off-roading capability is there and the Evoque has no issue with getting tarted up with mud – meaning family days out to the countryside are always on the cards. Another benefit of being a Land Rover, it is a very good towing vehicle, which means you can have a luxurious and stylish car without worrying about towing a horsebox or trailer.

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