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Used Land Rover Discovery Sport review

Explore the ins and out of the Land Rover Discovery – the spacious premium car capable both on the road and off it. 

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There’s a lot that can be said for the Land Rover Discovery. In essence, it was designed to be a great middle ground for someone who wanted the off-roading abilities of a Defender, but wanted the extra luxury of the higher-spec Range Rover. Nowadays, the Discovery has polished the traits that made it so popular during its earlier years, making it a great car to own.



Presumably, the original Discovery that was released on the backend of the 1980s was designed with purely a pencil and a ruler; it was very boxy. However, the design of the Discovery over the last decade has come on leaps and bounds. The body shape is now smooth and contemporary, it contours fluidly between different parts of the car for a modern design that looks fresh beyond its years. Over the years, the boxy nature of the original design has slowly disappeared and been replaced with the sleek lines that can be seen today; the Discovery is certainly a good-looking car.



Just like the exterior, the interior of the Discovery has also radically improved over the years. Inside you’ll find a host of premium materials that have been superbly put together for maximum quality. The result is an interior that is a sheer joy to spend time in on a daily basis. The other thing that is hard to appreciate from looking at a picture is the hugely generous amount of space inside the cabin; regardless of whether you sit in the front or back (or in the extra seats behind the rear bench), there is a large amount of leg and headroom. 



It is quite difficult to think of any other vehicle that is absolutely fantastic both on and off the road. On the road itself, the Discovery is able to iron out every bump with conviction, only the deepest potholes will be felt within the cabin – yes, the suspension set-up is that good. Don’t expect to attack corners in the discovery, it just isn’t built for that. However, as a car for devouring huge miles in luxury and relaxation, the Discovery is close to perfect. 

The off-road side of the Discovery is equally as good, you could say Land Rover know a thing or two when it comes to building cars that can cross any terrain when the road runs out. The computers on board carefully monitor the surface and provide optimum grip to each wheel, very few vehicles provide such compelling and effortless off-roading ability. 


Well, as mentioned before, the interior is absolutely massive; the result is that you can comfortably seat adults or children in the front and rear for long periods of time. There are even two extra seats behind the rear bench should you want it; these can be folded down to create a boot that can hold just about anything you want within reason. Pets, furniture, children – the Discovery can hold the lot! 


There is a range of diesel and petrol engines that can be had in the Discovery; we recommend the large petrol engines if you want the Discovery as a leisurely car, while the punchy diesel engines are essential if you need to do a lot of towing. Regardless of the engine and gearbox combination you choose, you’ll enjoy immense pulling power and refinement.

Now, we should explain that the Discovery is never going to be as economical as a small city car, the sheer size of the car should give that away. Having said that, because the engines themselves have been so beautifully engineered, mpg touching the late 30s is achievable – more than acceptable for a vehicle of this size. 


The Land Rover Discovery is the large premium SUV that offers incredible off-roading ability and sensational road manners. The huge interior can comfortably seat the whole family, as well as the family pets and some suitcases for a holiday away. Land Rover’s incredible computers and years of off-roading experience can be seen throughout the Discovery, it can effortlessly tackle just about any terrain you throw at it. Top all this off with a luxurious cabin, the Discovery is just about perfect.

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