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 KIA's great looking SUV that offers space and height, ready for any journey

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As the popularity of SUVs continue to soar in the UK, it hardly comes as a surprise to learn that the Sportage is currently Kia’s best-selling model. However, it isn’t just the popularity of the SUV that has led to the success of the Sportage; this is a very good all-round car to own and remains a very reasonable proposition for families.

front view kia sportage


Kia have been on the ball in recent years with the design of their cars. Gone are the days when you would simply glance past a Kia as it drove by, now they have become good-looking cars that definitely warrant a second-glance. They have managed to make the Sportage look sporty and purposeful, without looking overly aggressive and intimidating. We believe this combination of sporty looks and sharp bodylines really helps the Sportage stand out above more mundane SUV designs that can be seen elsewhere on the market.

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Sitting in the interior of the Sportage you immediately get a feeling that you’ve got a lot more quality than the price point you paid would suggest. The reason for this is because the whole interior has been really well-designed, all the switch gear feels well-made and sturdy, and the general materials feel very good to the touch. Inside the Sportage you will find there is plenty of space for the whole family, no one in the back will struggle for leg or head room. On top of this, there is a very generously sized boot, which can hold just about everything you need.

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As you can imagine being a Kia, the Sportage drives very well indeed. A surprising revelation is that the Sportage feels remarkably light on its feet, which makes the car feel agile and fun to drive. The ride is never going to feel as cosseting as a Rolls-Royce, but the Sportage does a great job of ironing out the worst of the ruts and bumps on Britain’s roads.

The Sportage excels as a commuting car that is also used for ferrying the family around, this is because of how comfortable the interior is. Not only are the seats incredibly accommodating on longer journeys, the interior has been well insulated from road and wind noise, making for a relaxing cruiser. 


The Sportage is a pretty large SUV, so as you can imagine, it is a practical car for use on a daily basis. The interior has plenty of room for passengers in both the front and back, while the large boot provides ample space for the family dog and all of your weekly shopping items. The raised ride height means loading and offloading precious cargo (aka, the kids) is a doddle, while the large doors open wide to ensure you have convenient access.

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There is a very healthy choice of petrol and diesel engines to choose from, which provides a welcome choice come purchase time – you’ll actually struggle to find an engine that doesn’t meet your requirements. All engines provide good fuel economy while the smaller diesel engines manage to produce remarkably low emissions, which the Penguins will most certainly appreciate. The hybrid available in the later models isn’t a full-blown hybrid that you may be used to, but it helps the engine along a bit and successfully lowers the emissions on the larger 2.0-litre diesel engine – every little helps n’ all that.


The Kia Sportage is a great family car for a variety of reasons. It is inexpensive to run on a daily basis thanks to the efficient engines, it can comfortably seat the whole family and your pets (essential for those holidays to a different part of the country), while the extra refinement and safety ensures your family arrives safe and sound. The raised ground clearance means the Sportage performs nicely when the road runs out, it’s never going to be able to tackle the Dakar, but you can be sure muddy lanes and pot-hole ridden tracks will be dealt with convincingly. 

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