Jaguar XE

The small, premium executive saloon that delivers on efficiency and comfort. 

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The Jaguar XE is a small premium executive saloon car. It gives you the chance to experience the special feeling that comes from driving a sporty Jag saloon without having to spend an absolute fortune, while doubling up as a useful family car.

The Jaguar XE has only been on sale since 2015 but there are already plenty of used models out there, and you can get hold of XEs with good spec for as little as £15,000.

front view jaguar xe


The XE certainly looks the part, with sleek styling, an imposing large grille, and the prestige of the Jaguar badge. Like most Jaguar saloons, this is a car that looks impressive on the road, and is sure to turn heads in the company car park, suiting the target market for executive saloons.
side view jaguar xe


The XE is deliberately downsized from other Jaguars so the interior is a bit smaller, but there’s still enough room for a family, and when the car is as premium as this a bit less space is more than forgivable. The boot is a decent size too, and the dashboard is straightforward but stylish. The material quality is generally good and the seats are very comfortable. There’s also the option of folding rear seats.
jaguar xe interior


As you’d expect from a Jaguar, you get a great driving experience. It excels on the motorway, where the superb refinement and comfortable drive really becomes apparent – you’ll barely notice a single bump. It’s equally impressive around town and country roads though, as handling is excellent thanks to a huge amount of grip and tight body control. If that wasn’t enough, the automatic models come with a Sport mode that allows you to really rip through the gears


The compactness of the XE, and the fact it is made from ultra-light aluminium, mean it is highly economical, with some of the diesel models able to post superb figures as high as 70mpg. Running costs generally are very respectable too.
rear view jaguar xe


The XE is a premium executive car that’s great for driving to and from work. More than that though, it’s suitable for family life and is particularly suited to motorway cruising. The quality of the driving coupled with the economical engines means this is a great all-rounder that you can get a lot of use out of.


The XE is superbly well-equipped with even the most basic models coming with sat-nav, cruise and climate control, Bluetooth, and an 8.0-inch touchscreen. If you go for a more premium trim level you can add features such as leather seats and sportier styling. Automatic models are more popular, and indeed these are much more common on the used car market, but you won’t struggle to find an XE with a manual transmission if preferred.


Diesel versions are more popular thanks to their impressive economy rates, and these are far more numerous than petrol models, but again there’s a decent number of the latter out there. Search Jaguar XE