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Incredibly easy to live with on a daily basis, the Hyundai i20 makes sense for all the right reasons. Find out which ones here.

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The i20 hasn't been on the scene for that long on the grand scheme of things having been around since 2008. However, it has made a big impact because of how easy it is to live with on a daily basis. The i20 was designed to slot between the smaller Hyundai i10 and larger i30 (bet you weren't expecting that), so therefore offers a great blend of practicality without compromising on space. With an excellent warranty and a generous amount of equipment, the i20 - now into its second generation - makes a fine purchase. 
i20 front


Looks are always going to be subjective, but we believe most of you would agree with us when we say the i20 is quite a good-looking car. The looks are sharp and purposeful without trying to look overly aggressive, nor have Hyundai decided to litter the body with arbitrary lines and weird curves - top marks for Hyundai there! The first generation was a bit more bland than the second generation, although some may prefer this. The second gen i20 benefited from being a little lower and much sleeker, while designers incorporated sharper lines and a few more "flashier" body details to create a classy looking supermini.


The story of the classy looking exterior carries over to the interior, because everything makes sense in the way it has been placed and constructed. Look around and you'll find some of the materials are very well bolted together, which initially surprised us considering how much you pay for an i20. We were also pleasantly surprised to discover that you get a TFT screen in every (2nd gen) i20 as standard, that also offers Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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Original Hyundai i20s weren't especially renowned for their driving prowess. However, they were praised for being comfortable and assuring in the corners. The newer shape i20 fairs far better and manages to provide a more mature driving experience despite being a seemingly smaller car. Refinement levels are surprisingly good, and although it isn't as quiet as more premium brands on the motorway, it's not enough to become invasive. The more mature driving set up can be felt in the corners too, where the i20 offers decent levels of feedback through the steering wheel. All-in-all, a solid car to drive.


The Hyundai i20 isn't the largest car in its sector and this does reflect in the amount of space available in the cabin and boot. That's not to say it's small though, you'll still be able to seat three people on the back seat without any issue. And the boot is definitely big enough to accommodate the weekly shop and those family days out to the seaside. You will also be able to make use of the split-fold rear seats, which is becoming increasingly rarer in the supermini segment, and it definitely makes life easier.

Engines and transmissions

You'll be glad to hear the i20 comes with a healthy choice of engines that all offer excellent economy and reasonable running costs. The older generation i20s made use of small petrol and diesel engines, nothing fancy, but they got the job done without complaint. The new models have some very interesting engines to choose from. We're big fans of the 1.0-lite turbocharged petrol that is paired with a simple five-speed manual gearbox, because it offers good pulling power and superb fuel economy. A six-speed manual gearbox is also available alongside a seven-speed auto. Interestingly, the modern i20 no longer has a diesel. To be frank, it doesn't need one.


The Hyundai i20 is never going to be one of those cars you buy for scintillating performance, it's one you buy because it's a fantastic all-round car to own on a daily basis. Young families will love the practicality offered by the relatively spacious cabin and split-fold seats. On the other hand, commuters will love the amount of equipment you get as standard alongside the inexpensive running costs. In conclusion, the i20 represents great value for money and is genuinely enjoyable car to own everyday.

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