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Honda's spacious model that is available as a hatchback or estate.

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The Civic has been a popular choice for over forty years, but it really entered the modern age in 2005 when it was given its distinctive futuristic design, a big change from the conventional look of previous generations. It’s much more than just a good-looking car though. It’s got great practicality and is highly enjoyable to drive, making it a great option for first-time buyers, parents, and keen drivers alike.


The first thing you notice about the Civic is its space age appearance, with the slanted bodystyle and eye-catching headlights. Even after all these years, it’s still an appealing look that makes the Civic stand out on the roads. It’s available as a hatchback and an estate, and both variants are attractive cars.

used honda civic


Like the exterior, the cabin has a funky design, with more digital elements than most dashboards. You can tell it’s well-built too, as the materials are robust and of a good quality. There’s enough room for a family and boot space is excellent, one of the best in this class. The ‘Magic Seats’ in the rear can be folded away in various clever combinations to create plenty of useful extra space while other compartments here and there mean this car is first class in terms of storage.

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The Civic offers superb ride quality. It’s a highly comfortable drive and refinement is very good too. Handling and grip are good too and it’s impressively stable at motorway speeds. Fuel efficiency is also very respectable. The Civic even won Green Award at the 2013 Tow Car Awards, so it’ll come in handy if you like caravan holidays too. 


Honda cars are renowned for their reliability and the Civic is a great example of this, with plenty of safety features. It’s had a 5-star crash rating since 2009 and plenty of safety features. With a Civic you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands on the road. Many people don’t realise just how large the boot is on a Civic – it’s absolutely huge!


The Civic has remained a consistently good seller through the generations and it’s easy to see why. It’s one of the least risky purchases you could make, as you know you’re going to get solid reliability, excellent practicality, and a comfortable drive. This makes it an enjoyable car to drive around town, while the reliability makes it a shrewd option for first time buyers. That said, keen drivers will also like it too thanks to the fun drive. Add in the fact that it’s still one of the most recognisable cars on the road, and you’ve got a great all-round car.

honda civic review


The Civic stands out for its safety features, which include adaptive cruise control, curtain airbags in the front and rear, and active front headrests. The ‘Magic Seats’ are another quirky feature that make it stand out.

used honda civic review


You can find plenty of diesel Civics as well as petrol ones, so you’ve got plenty of choice, and both types deliver good economy. Manual transmission is more common but you won’t struggle to get an automatic Civic either.

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