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Used Ford Ranger review

Rugged, a great-performer and loved by many. No it isn't Tom Hardy, but the Ford Ranger definitely fits the bill, here's why. 

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The Ford Ranger was originally brought to the UK market in 1999 as a viable alternative for the working man who wanted a reliable pick-up truck that got the job done with ease. A raft of improvements to the Ranger came in 2006, when it entered its second generation. However, the main improvements came in 2011 when it entered its current generation. Although Ford have remained true to the original roots of the Ranger by placing emphasis on the working lifestyle, they have improved the Ranger's drivability by improving its road manners and refinement, thus making it an easier car to live with on a daily basis.

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The current generation of Ford Ranger is certainly a good-looking vehicle thanks to its sleek lines and well-proportioned body shape. It's not to say the first and second generation Ranger were ugly, they were just slightly more functional. Each truck has always had the standard exposed cargo bed, a valuable asset for the working professional who needs a no-nonsense way of transporting large goods. Available in a single or double-cab, the Ranger will look good regardless; although we are big fans of the double cab body style purely because of its sheer size. There has been a series of 'editions' over the years that bring different body colours, accessories and wheels - meaning you have plenty of choice come purchase time.

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There's going to be a consistent theme throughout this article because the third gen Ranger stands comfortably above its predecessors with ease. The first gen Ranger was basic, to put it bluntly. The second gen was a step in the right direction, adding some luxuries such as air-conditioning, electric windows and parking sensors. The current generation comes in a variety of different trims, all offering a good level of equipment as standard. The mid-range Limited 2 and range-topper Wildtrak are the most popular models in the Ranger line-up, offering Ford's Sync 2 infotainment system, a reversing camera and adaptive cruise control amongst other desirable features. Whichever trim you choose, you can expect a robust interior that has been well-bolted together.

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Let's get the elephant in the room out the way before proceeding; it's important to remember the Ranger is a pick-up truck and subsequently won't corner like a Lamborghini. What we can tell you though is that the Ranger drives beautifully on just about any terrain you can think of, this is due to the excellent four-wheel drive system Ford fit to the Ranger alongside the various computers that assist the driver. On the road, the Ranger is refined enough to make daily driving a doddle, while the soft suspension makes short work of any potholes in the road.


As you can imagine being a large pick-up truck, the Ford Ranger doesn't fall short on practicality. The current Ranger has the ability to carry over 1000kg worth of payload in its cargo bed alone, which is also known as a lot. It can haul along a braked weight of up to 3500kg, which makes it amongst the best in its class. Inside the cab you will find plenty of storage compartments for all your wrappers and petrol station receipts; opt for the double-cab and you get enough space to comfortably accommodate passengers in the back too.

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Engines and transmissions

The current Ford Ranger makes do with three variants of their tough TDCi four-cylinder turbodiesel engine (producing 130bhp, 160bhp and 200bhp respectively), each of which provides a mountain of torque from low-down in the rev-range. So, despite the substantial size of the Ranger, the engines make it seem a lot more athletic than it has any right to be. Each engine is mated to either a manual or automatic transmission; we usually recommend the manual for regular towing (although the auto is still excellent) and the automatic gearbox for off-roading and leisure.


Every time the Ford Ranger has evolved into the next generation, Ford have successfully managed to increase the Ranger's daily drivability while staying true to the car's working heritage. Despite the increases in refinement and luxury, the Ranger is still a fantastic truck for the working professional. On the other hand, the excellent road manners and addition of various luxuries make the Ranger perfect for the working professional with a young family.

The Ford Ranger is a good-looking truck that drives well both on and off the road.

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