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Ford Mondeo

A textbook family car with solid build quality and multi award-winning engines.

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Interestingly, the Ford Mondeo is classed as a mid-sized vehicle, but it's also fairly large, offering class-leading amounts of interior space. Having been first launched in 1993, the Mondeo has gone from a working-class vehicle to a properly impressive family car, with many premium features and state-of-the-art technology. It has always had a reputation for being a no-nonsense workhorse of a car, but in recent years the class and sophistication of the Mondeo has grown to the extent that it can embarrass much more premium cars.
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Third-generation models from 2007 are where the Mondeo adopted a far more sophisticated and premium appearance. The exterior welcomed much sharper styling giving the Mondeo an edge over its competition, with models such as the ST-Line giving the Mondeo a much more dynamic and smart appearance. It is so much of a looker, that the third-generation Mondeo made an appearance in the James Bond film - Casino Royale. If that didn't speak volumes for the Mondeo, what would have? Since the third-generation, the fourth generation and the facelift have ensured the Mondeo is still a fine looking family car, with impressive specification and trim levels. Body styles include a saloon, hatchback and estate version too. The hatchback isn't your typical hatchback and looks more like a saloon bodystyle, but the hatchback ensures practicality is as good as it's ever been. 
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Spacious and comfortable, two familiar traits you can be sure of with the Ford Mondeo interior. You also get a colossal boot space which can be further extended in size thanks to useful folding rear seats. The cabin also features a whole host of smart and easy to use controls, which are emulated throughout the Ford range. Leather and cloth interior materials can be specified for seating, along with well made cabin materials giving the Mondeo that sense of premium and solidness which the car is now famous for. The interior is so good many Mondeo models are used by taxi companies, due to their longevity and robustness.
ford mondeo review


Ford models are always wonderfully simple to drive. It is perhaps why they have become so popular with many generations of drivers. The Mondeo feels solid, the driving position is comfortable, and the controls are exactly where you would expect them. If you're looking for a sporty feel, you may want to look elsewhere as the Mondeo is all about comfort, and providing a pleasing driving experience for both driver and passengers. That said, the Mondeo does handle very well for a car of this size. You can even opt for larger alloy wheels and you won't have to trade comfort, as the ride is still impressive. 


 With 5-doors as standard, the Mondeo is easily accessible for front and rear passengers. Plenty of interior storage ensures the Mondeo is a sound family car and a number of familiar trim lines and specifications ensure practicality can be further enhanced if required. Five adults can sit in a Mondeo in complete comfort and therefore long journeys are not an issue. In the constant trend of SUVs being chosen as the average family car, the Mondeo still flies the flag for the original body styles, which are now the alternative choice - or so it seems. 
ford mondeo car review

Engines and transmissions 

In typical fashion, owners can select from plenty of petrol and diesel engine choices. As expected, Mondeo models with diesel engines offer better economy - which isn't surprising really, but petrol variants still offer decent economical performance. Award-winning EcoBoost technology is used for petrol Mondeo engines. These come in the form of a 1.0-litre offering and can return over 50mpg. There is also a choice of a more powerful 2.0-llitre EcoBoost with 240PS offering much more performance, but of course offers less economy with just under 40mpg achievable. Diesel Mondeo models can return almost 80 mpg - which is incredibly impressive for a car of this size.


As mentioned, the Mondeo, in any body style, makes for a textbook family car. This is thanks to the Mondeo's capacious interior space, robustness, build quality and of course the trust the Ford brand offers. It is unsurprising to see the Ford Mondeo used as a taxi, by many companies across the whole of Europe, thanks to these factors and of course their renowned reliability too. You really cannot go wrong with a Mondeo for your family or for your business.