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Ford KA

Stylish small car that is perfect for city driving and ideal for first time drivers.

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The Ford Ka has been around since way back in 1996, but it wasn’t until 2009 that the second generation of Ford’s smallest car was released. It has proved a real hit with the British public, and though it was replaced in 2016 by the 5-door Ka+, the 3-door Ka still has plenty to offer for first-time buyers and those living in cities in particular. It’s a great little car, offering practicality, cheap running costs, and all the reliability you’d expect from a Ford.

used ford ka car review


The original Ka burst on to the scene with an eye-catching, innovative design and it proved popular with buyers. More recent models are more conventional-looking but it’s still a cute car with a neat exterior design and those distinctive slanted Ford headlights. Some of the trim packs allowed buyers to personalise their Ka with distinctive colours and graphics – watch out for those on the used market if you fancy something a little bit different.

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Despite being a small car, the Ka has an impressive amount of space in the front. In particular, there’s plenty of headroom thanks to the curved roof. The boot is a decent size too and you can increase it by folding down the rear seats, a sensible option for most as this car is likely to have only one occupant most of the time, given its target market.

ford ka review


The Ka is fantastically agile, making it ideal for navigating busy city streets and an enjoyable driving experience. It can entertain out of town too, with the good grip and handling making it lots of fun on country roads. The smooth suspension makes it a comfortable drive as well.


This is a highly practical choice if you’re after a city car. The size and handling make it ideal for this sort of environment, and reliability is very good too. It’s easy to repair and maintain, while running costs are low; all features that will appeal to first time buyers.

used ford ka review


Being the small, nimble, comfortable car that it is, the Ka is ideal for driving around town. Its reliability, plus the low price and running costs, make it a great choice for those looking for their first car. The pleasant amount of room in the cabin and fun driving experience mean it’s good for days out too.


There are a few trim levels to choose from, with the popular Zetec and range-topping Titanium packages now available at bargain used car prices. The former includes alloy wheels and a heated windscreen while the latter adds climate control.


The Ka is only available with manual transmission, but this is enjoyable to use thanks to its precise shift action. The Ka’s diesel engine didn’t prove popular so was axed in 2013, and not many of them are out there anymore. Only one petrol engine is on offer too, so all you really need to think about when choosing a Ka is which trim level suits you. Search Ford Ka