Car Store Loves Summer 

Getting your car warm weather ready!

Is there any better season than summer? Beer, BBQ’s and bikinis are just a few of the things that make summer so special.

Here at Car Store, we want to make sure you enjoy the summer but most of all enjoy it safely! Whether you’re off to the seaside for the weekend or even making your way across France for Le Mans 24h, it’s important that your car is ready for those long miles in hot temperatures. We'll be putting together a list of the top UK roads to drive in summer and more importantly showing you how to prepare your car for these kinds of journeys.

We’ll also be showing you how to arrive in style with our very own cleaning pack for your car, as well as trained crew members in store to show you how to apply GardX paint and fabric protection.

Looking to buy a car for summer? We’ve got you covered. We’ll have the best cars for summer on show for you to browse all of which come with GardX free of charge.

We’ll be hosting the event at all of our Car Stores from Monday 3rd June and Sunday 30th June with more details to follow soon.

Keep an eye on our social channels and this page for any updates on Car Store Loves Summer.

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