ds 3 car review

DS3 review

A super-stylish supermini that is really fun to drive and a great city car.

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The DS 3 has had an interesting birth. The car originally started out as a Citroën, albeit as a premium sub-brand. DS became a standalone brand in 2014.

When the DS 3 was still badged as a Citroën, the Citroën DS 3 was launched in 2010. It was a small, premium supermini with stylish, somewhat retro design cues and a decent scope for personalisation.

From 2014, DS became its own brand with the car just being referred to as the DS 3. Subtle enhancements have been added, but this is easily recognisable to the car’s beginnings under the Citroën name. After all, with strong sales and by being named by Top Gear as the 2010 Car of the Year, why disrupt a successful formula?

As standard, the DS 3 is offered in a classic 3-door supermini variant, along with a cabrio version too. The upmarket feel ensures this is a popular choice for those looking for a small and stylish car that feels much more sophisticated and premium than its size suggests.

Punchy and economical engine choices ensure the DS 3 makes a great car for those looking for premium levels of comfort and style in a compact package, making it a popular car for those looking to upgrade from perhaps their first car or are after an upgrade of their current supermini.

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Like most French superminis, style is a major focus. The DS 3 may well be the most stylish as well as the most upmarket small French car available. Exterior details tend to feature contrasting roof and body colours, along with chrome detailing highlighting the overall premium and expensive look.

Darker colours suit the premium sophistication perfectly, although bright colours are also available to make the DS 3 properly stand out.

Special editions are available, with added graphic details usually associated with fashion to ensure the DS 3 appeals even more to the fashion-conscious driver.

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Another ultra-stylish trait of the DS 3 is that of the sleek and sophisticated interior, which complements the upmarket exterior. Therefore, you get a stylish and uncluttered dashboard and instrument layout, with chrome details featuring on trim surrounds, steering wheel and pedals.

Material choice is of good quality, which complements the overall premium feel of the DS 3. Dependant on specification, colour personalisation can change the overall look of the dashboard thanks to limited edition models.

ds 3 car review


Many small French cars are renowned for their fun to drive appeal. The DS 3 joins in on the expectations by offering an all-round decent driving experience, with thanks to a selection of punchy petrol engines, along with economical diesel engines too.


Although only available in 3-door specification, the DS 3 still offers seating for 5, along with rear folding seats and a pretty sizable boot too.


Both petrol and diesel engines are available with a used DS 3, ranging from 1.2 to 1.6-litres. Economy is excellent with petrol versions able to return up to an impressive 65mpg, whilst diesel versions can achieve over 80mpg. Even the 210bhp performance version can hit over 50mpg!

used ds 3 review


If you love fashion, nippy small cars and premium feel, the DS 3 ticks all the boxes. It is great for those who do a lot of city and town driving.


Standard features can sometimes be a disappointment, especially when it comes to small superminis. Pleasingly however, Citroen had other ideas for the DS 3. As standard the DS 3 offers alloy wheels, cruise control, electric mirrors and Bluetooth. Special editions, along with higher specification trim levels including features such as heated seats, parking sensors and metallic paint.

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