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A car which offers the basics of motoring, with the added bonus of some surprising characteristics. 

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In 2013, the Dacia Sandero was offered for sale in the UK. It was the most affordable new car available for sale at just under £6,000, and came as a familiar hatchback supermini. Although Dacia at the time hadn't been around for long in the UK, the Sandero was a car familiar with petrolheads and fans of motoring show Top Gear, due to James May's comical obsession with the car. This was because James has a love for a cars that offer tremendous value, and with the Sandero's excellent affordability, enhanced practicality and impressive efficiency, the Sandero is yet another fine option to come from the budget Dacia brand.

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For a car that took the title for the UK's most affordable car, you'd be forgiven in thinking that Dacia wouldn't be putting all there time and effort into looks department. After all, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. However, it's a pleasant surprise as the Dacia Sandero is far from being a bad looking car. It's pretty humble to be honest, featuring clean and simple lines, with the added bonus of five-doors as standard. If you want a car that offers a clean look that won't attract any unwanted attention, the Sandero ticks all the right boxes.

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Dacia's mission of offering affordable cars speaks for itself. At a time when manufacturers are obsessed with outdoing one another, Dacia decided to offer the basics. After all, not everyone is a car enthusiast and most people are not fussed by electric this, or heated that. Therefore, the Sandero offers the essentials of motoring and the interior can be very basic to those familiar with the creature comforts associated with most modern day cars. Interiors are very basic, with a lot of grey plastic but it's quiet charming in some ways, due to its sheer simplicity. The base models are very low on spec, so the mid-range models are perhaps the safest bet, and will certainly not break the bank! Space is the where the Sandero really impresses, with plenty of space for five occupants and one of the largest load spaces in its segment.

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The Sandero may well offer superb value, however, if you are after performance and driving pleasure, you're going to have to look elsewhere. But then again, as a car renowned for value, petrolheads and those who love driving will no doubt be looking elsewhere anyway. To put the Sandero into context, power available from a number of different engines never goes above 90 bhp, so you'll not be breaking any records, but that's not the point when it comes to the Sandero. Instead, the Sandero offers a no nonsense way of getting from A to B. No fancy frills, just a dependable and simple car that in short does the job - with no fancy this or fancy that.


With five doors as standard and a large boot, the Sandero hatchback is fantastically practical, and for the money is superb. The hatchback is much loved and the Sandero falls into one of the most practical around for its size. Add in the value of the car in the first place and the Sandero offers pound for pound an impressive amount of easily accessible practicality. Inside the spacious interior is the added bonus of a decent sized glove box and a few cubby holes and storage bins for good measure too.

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Engines and transmissions

Low powered petrol and diesel engines are available within the Dacia Sandero range. These include a 0.9-litre petrol and 1.5-litre diesel both with 88 bhp. As expected the diesel variants are more economical and can return around 80 mpg - which is excellent, especially in this type of vehicle. Petrol models tend to deliver less mpg, but will still happily return around 50 mpg, which again is not bad at all for a petrol motor.


To some, cars are merely a way of getting from A to B. The Dacia Sandero could quite easily be stereotyped into being just a car for those wanting to get from A to B, but really, it is so much more. As a new car, or nearly-new car, the Sandero is excellent as for similar money, alternative cars will have much more mileage, owners etc. Dacia models will always offer basic principles of motoring but they do so with charm and are simply a fine tool for the job. Of course, the Dacia buyer will suit a lifestyle who wants the basics, and is more into function and practicality, than style and speed.

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