used citroen c1 car review

Citroen C1 review

Funky and fresh city car that is a great car for first time drivers. 

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Introduced in 2005, the Citroen C1 was built to exploit the roads and tight gaps experienced in the city with its small dimensions and nimble handling. Fast forward to the present day and the cheeky C1 has merely evolved with the times, boasting better materials, more efficient engines and even more personalisation.

used citroen c1 review


The C1 was designed from the offset to be funky and different, something that has been consistent through the various redesigns and facelifts over the years. As a result of the styling being fresh and contemporary, the C1 is a car that owners of all ages will take pride in being seen in.

used citroen c1


As you would expect with any car that has been designed to make a statement with bold and contemporary exterior styling, the interior design will follow suit. We’re pleased to say that the C1 doesn’t disappoint. Sure, you’re never going to get premium Rolls-Royce levels of quality in an inexpensive city car, but you do get a very quirky interior layout which has been bolted together very well indeed. We particularly like the touchscreen that features in the middle of the centre dash (on later models), it really uplifts the interior. Form meets function, top marks for Citroen there.

citroen c1 interior review


The C1’s compact nature makes it surprisingly agile and sprightly to drive, meaning there is some fun to be had in the corners if that’s your sort of thing. The suspension is quite soft on the C1, meaning it does a very convincing job of soaking up bumps in the road and making sure they don’t transfer into the cabin. Although the engines themselves don’t provide a whole lot of outright power, they genuinely suit the C1’s very low kerb weight, meaning you can exploit gaps in traffic with relative ease. 


Erm, space and practicality are largely determined by the size of the car – and the C1 is tiny. So, it has some rear seats and a boot that can fit some shopping bags in. It does have a couple of cupholders too, which is important.


This should be easy. The C1 has two petrol engines to choose from, which are available with a manual or automatic gearbox. One engine is bigger than the other and provides more power, while the smaller engine offers superior fuel economy – who would have thought it? Regardless of your choice, each engine returns excellent economy and low emissions. The slightly bigger petrol engine is surprisingly peppy in a car as light as the C1, meaning it feels quite keen during a traffic light grand prix.

citroen c1 car review


The Citroen C1 has been a redefining car for the city car segment since its arrival in the mid-noughties, and it isn’t about to change anytime soon. The small dimensions, quirky styling and incredibly low running costs make it the perfect car for those living in the city who need an inexpensive method of transport for getting around town. On the other hand, those same traits also make the C1 a superb car for drivers who have just passed their test.

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