Used Porsche Boxster Review (2012-2016) MK3

Independent review by Peter Hayward from Driving Force

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Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxster (2012-2016)

The Porsche Boxster is one of the best out and out sports cars on the market, offering pin sharp handling, thrilling performance, and excellent Porsche refinement

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  • Incredible handling
  • Superb performance
  • Excellent Porsche refinement
  • Auto not as engaging
  • Cayman and 911 more sought-after
  • Expensive options
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What's the Porsche Boxster like?

Driving a Porsche Boxster is so special it’s like the first day of the holidays - or a big win on the lottery. This superb machine reacts almost instantaneously to your every input and seems to become part of you – almost like an extension of thought.

It’s just as much of an icon as the 911 – an intoxicating driver’s machine that is very nearly perfect. The way it can cover ground in the hands of an expert is a revelation. These are cars made to be driven – to be enjoyed and relished, not just used.

In fact, despite them being the entry point into Porsche ownership, the Boxster and its sister car the Cayman are so good you have to wonder why anyone bothers buying the 911, in some instances.


From 2012 to 2016, when the range was updated, Standard 2.7-litre models had 261bhp, and the 3.2-litre S had 311bhp, while the GTS had 325bhp.

Finally, the Spyder came with a 3.8-litre engine producing 369bhp, and was the fastest in the range, dispatching the 0 to 60mph sprint in just 4.4 seconds.

But the 2.7-litre models are by no means slow, getting to 60mph from rest with the manual gearbox in 5.5 seconds, and in 5.3 seconds with the PDK automatic.

The standard S brings that down to 4.8 and 4.5 seconds respectively, and it should do 31mpg, while the 2.7-litre should do 33mpg with careful driving.

Driving Experience

All have flat-6 engines in the Porsche tradition, and despite those heady power outputs, there’s not a turbocharger in sight.

Drive is to the rear wheels through either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed tiptronic automatic gearbox, and it’s worth noting that the manual clutch is very heavy. Try one before you buy, and go for the auto if needs be.

Performance is mindblowing compared to almost anything else on the road and hardly any BMWs or Mercedes-Benz' come close to the urge per pound.
Peter Hayward

All Boxsters are pretty noisy when pressed, with the engine behind your left ear, and although they rev superbly, they don’t make the sweetest sound. The handling is sublime, with a perfectly balanced chassis and superb steering that feed information to the driver.

There’s a huge amount of grip and if the view is good, speed can be maintained through corners in the most scintillating way. Needless to say, the brilliant brakes are well able to control everything when needed.

Practicality and Equipment

They cost far less than a 911 and have just about as much space inside, albeit with little storage around the cabin.

Equipment leaves nothing lacking in standard trim and it has enough performance for 99 percent of people.

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If you're in the market for a textbook sports car that offers supreme handling and performance, then the Porsche Boxster should be at the top of your list. Often overlooked, the Boxster is somewhat of a bargain and superb entry into the world of Porsche ownership.