Used Peugeot 3008 Review (2016-2020) MK2

Independent review by Peter Hayward from Driving Force

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Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 3008 (2016-2020)

The Peugeot 3008 is a striking SUV that offers great practicality and technology in a well sorted package, making it a popular used car buy

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  • Excellent interior
  • Impressive practicality and space
  • Easy to drive
  • Competition is strong
  • Infotainment can be fiddly
  • Small steering wheel may not be to everyone's taste
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What's the Peugeot 3008 like?

Peugeot's second 3008 really caught the public imagination just when the SUV boom was taking off.

It sold in large numbers thanks to sharp and attractive lines and a funky, stylish and comfortable interior with loads of family friendly features.

Under that sleek bonnet in 2016 were the latest fuel sipping and low emission petrol and diesel power units, and no-one seemed worried that there was no four- wheel drive (4WD) option.

Peugeot’s research had shown that there would be minimum demand for all-wheel drive and so the car maker decided to save development costs and keep it front-wheel drive only.

After the launch, it had gone straight to the top of the medium SUV class and, although others have come along since, it's still right up there with the best of them.



There’s a wide choice of petrol and diesel engines. Petrol's start with the 1.2-litre PureTech turbo now well known throughout the Peugeot and Citroën ranges.

Here it has 130bhp and covers the 0 to 60mph sprint in approximately 9.2 seconds, while returning 46mpg.

Next comes a 1.6-litre turbo with 180bhp, covering the 0 to 60mph sprint in around 7.7 seconds and capable of 39mpg. A petrol electric plug-in hybrid with 4WD is also available. It boasts more power, very low emissions and 35 miles on electric alone.

Diesels start with a 1.6-litre BlueHDi that has 120bhp, 0 to 60mph takes around 10.8 seconds and can achieve 54mpg, but a newer 1.5-litre boasts 130bhp and is capable of 58mpg.

Finally there is a 2.0-litre diesel with 150bhp or 180bhp. The 150bhp covers the 0 to 60mph sprint in 9.3 seconds and will do 47mpg, whilst the 180bhp version is quicker still, but consumption drops to 41mpg.

Driving Experience

The ride is superb – better than many in the class – although not by much since they are all pretty comfortable.

But this one floats over poor surfaces with complete aplomb and yet never feels as though it’s wallowing.

It takes speed humps very easily and yet despite this suppleness of suspension, it still goes through the corners with great agility and safety. There’s not too much roll and the direct steering has good feedback.

Practicality and Equipment

The boot is huge, with folding back seats to make it massive, and there's loads of legroom both front and rear.

The 3008 introduced the brilliant Peugeot i-Cockpit in most models – a fully digital screen of instruments behind the wheel that could be tailored by the driver to any one of 12 different configurations.
Peter Hayward

This was the first time such a binnacle had been added to a car in the class and it’s still a rarity four years later.

In fact, all models in the range also come very well equipped straight out of the box. Upper models have cordless phone charging and built-in wifi with its own SIM card and all have audio remote controls, parking sensors, heated electric mirrors, alloys, DAB radio and an alarm.

On top of that, the mid-range Allure has the i-Cockpit, sat nav, part leather seat trim, lumbar support and cruise.

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If you're in the market for a striking SUV that stands out from the sheer choice available, then the Peugeot 3008 is well worth a look. With plenty of practicality and state-of-the-art tech, the Peugeot 3008 makes a great used buy.