Used Land Rover Discovery Review (2009-2016) MK2

Independent review by Peter Hayward from Driving Force

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Grey Land Rover Discovery Exterior Front Driving

Land Rover Discovery (2009-2016)

Rugged yet refined, the Land Rover Discovery is ready for anything you have to throw at it thanks to a comfortable ride, four-wheel drive, and plenty of space

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  • Off-road capabilities
  • Super spacious
  • Comfortable and refined
  • Can be pricey
  • Tech may feel outdated
  • Engines can be thirsty
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What's the Land Rover Discovery like?

Land Rover’s Discovery is one of the best 4x4s on the road or off, and if you buy carefully, you're unlikely to be disappointed.

Discovery models are expensive vehicles with a lot of gadgetry, and you need to be sure everything has been properly taken care of by previous owners.

As far as you can, check drivetrain and suspension for anything unusual, plus obviously, look for off-road damage underneath or a seriously used tow-bar.


After 2014, there was just one engine available - until a new model came out in 2017 - a smooth 3.0-litre V6 twin turbo diesel with 251bhp that suited the big Land Rover perfectly.

It has quite enough power to haul the heavyweight around even when fully laden and helped it win Towcar of the Year three years running.

The 0 to 60mph sprint takes a good 8.8 seconds, and very best economy should be 36mpg.

Driving Experience

On the road, it's just about as refined and quiet as the Range Rover, which is available with virtually the same engine and four-wheel drive transmission.

Comfort is excellent over all surfaces, only slightly compromised by bump-thump from the large alloy wheels and tyres occasionally – something from which most big 4x4’s tend to suffer.

Off-road, in the Land Rover tradition, it's virtually unstoppable, with the standard 8-speed automatic gearbox, low ratio gears, and differential locks helping to make light of the stickiest situations and the steepest hills over any kind of terrain.
Peter Hayward

Should you ever want to, it will even see you safely through 800mm of water without faltering. With an optional snorkel fitted, the Discovery will keep going with water up to the windscreen.

Roadholding and handling are fair – again in the 4x4 tradition – with quite a lot of body roll, but there’s plenty of grip even when pushed pretty hard.

Interior and Equipment

The interior is pretty up market as you would expect with a premium 4x4, with soft materials and well-shaped, comfortable seats. All come with seven seats as standard.

Most bought used will have had numerous options fitted from new, one of which is an excellent 360-degree camera system so that you can see all around from the driver's seat.

All have day running lights and stop/start, and equipment is good even in lower order models like the SE, which comes with alloys, heated mirrors, an alarm, loads of airbags, and other built-in electronic safety and traction control.

It also has parking sensors, audio remote control, headlight washers, cruise and climate control, and many will also have extras like leather upholstery and sat nav.

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The Land Rover Discovery is a rugged yet refined large SUV that's ready for your family's wildest adventures. Whilst it may be slightly more expensive than some rivals to buy and run, very few can match the Discovery when it comes to comfort and internal space, making it a top choice on the used market.