Boot full with suitcases

Best Cars with Big Boot Space

These are the cars we recommend if you're looking for something with a big boot

Choosing the right car with a big boot for you

Owning a car with a big boot is essential if you have a growing family, or if you own a pet.

To make life easier, we have recommended some of the best cars with a big boot below. We've also divided them into three categories:

  • Superminis
  • Estates
  • Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

Some superminis can have surprisingly big boots, meaning you can enjoy the practicality alongside low running costs. Estates are good "all-rounders", while SUVs are a popular choice because of their large cabins and tall rooflines.

Best superminis with big boots

Best estate cars with big boots

Best SUVs with big boots

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