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Synonymous with refinement and being great all-rounders, Volkswagen cars are ideal for those who love a dependable car that's also great to driveĀ 

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VW Beetle (2011-2019)

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VW Golf (2012-2019)

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VW Polo (2009-2017)

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VW Scirocco (2008-2017)

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VW Passat (2014-2021)

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VW Tiguan (2016-2020)

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VW Touareg (2010-2018)

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VW Sharan (2010-2022)

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The words Volkswagen and refinement go hand-in-hand, thanks to the German brand's reputation for well-built, dependable, great to drive cars that do everything so well.

Those looking for a textbook hatchback will love the Golf, whilst those who want a sleeker look will lust after the Scirocco, and for those who desire a car with retro looks, then the Beetle is the one. And for a smaller hatchback that ticks all the boxes, look no further than the Polo or the chic little up! city car.

For those who want an executive car come family car, that can also eat miles with ease, a Passat is a superb choice. Sharan and Touran ensure extended family duties are met with their 7-seater practicality. And as for popular SUVs, the Tiguan and Touareg have you covered.

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