Tyre and Alloy Insurance

Protect yourself against unexpected costs to fix damage caused by pot holes or high kerbs.

What is Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance?

Alloy wheels and tyres can be easily damaged during our everyday driving, even if you are the most careful of drivers.

Unexpected road defects, such as a pot holes or high kerbs can be enough to damage the appearance of your alloy wheel or puncture your tyre, which can be expensive to repair or replace.

Our Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance covers you against the cost of any repairs to your tyres or alloy wheels whether they're damaged accidentally, maliciously or by a puncture, meaning you can keep your wheels looking showroom-fresh without worrying about the cost. 

Key Benefits

  • Protects against unexpected costs
  • Protects the value of your vehicle
  • Tyre repairs and replacements are carried out via an established national repair network.
  • Up to £150 contribution for the alloy wheel(s) to be repaired
  • Up to £150 contribution towards a replacement alloy wheel


24 Months Cover


36 Months Cover


What's covered?


  • Tyre replacements are limited to five (5) during the policy term, at a maximum amount including VAT as detailed on the policy schedule, which will be:
  • The cost of a repair to a tyre (where possible) or a replacement tyre in the event of accidental or malicious damage
  • £200 per replacement and £1,000 in total
  • Unlimited tyre repairs during the policy terms up to the maximum amount in total detailed on the policy schedule
  • Where necessary, repairs will include the cost of a replacement valve, wheel balancing and environmental disposal

Alloy wheels

  • The cost of a repair to an alloy wheel in the event of accidental or malicious damage
  • Alloy wheel repairs are limited to ten (10) during the policy term, at a maximum of £150 per repair including VAT and £1,500 including VAT in total
  • A contribution towards a replacement alloy wheel in the event it is damaged beyond repair, up to a maximum of £150 including VAT per alloy wheel
What's not covered?
  • Any minor cosmetic damage which is not reported within thirty (30) days of the incident date
  • Stone chip damage to the vehicle
  • Damage that is not repairable by a SMART repair, is beyond minor cosmetic damage, or because of the extent or number of areas of damage, a bodyshop repair is required
  • Where the body panel, bumper or wing mirror is ripped, perforated, cracked or torn or there is damage to the structure and/or alignment
  • Damage to the roof, locks or handles, beading, mouldings, lamps, window panels, glass, tyres, wheels or wheel trims
  • Damage that has been accumulated over an extended period, which is deemed to be wear and tear, and damage showing evidence of rust, corrosion or hail impact
  • Any claim relating to damage caused by neglect or a deliberate, careless act or omission by you, or the cost of any routine maintenance or adjustments
  • Any damage that is the subject of a motor insurance claim
  • Consequential damage, loss or injury of any kind