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Insurance Products

Protect your investment by choosing the right insurance products for you.


When you buy a used car from us, you can take out a number of different insurance products that can protect you financially if something unfortunate happens out on the road. 

Of course you'll need your standard motor insurance - that's required by law. But there's other types of insurance too, such as Asset Protection Insurance, which adds an extra layer of financial protection should your car be declared a total loss in the event of an accident. Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance ensures your wheels are always looking good, while Minor Damage Repair Cover will help you get those niggly bumps and scrapes sorted out without any fuss. 

Finally there's GardX paint and fabric protection. While not technically an insurance product, it can help keep your car in good condition inside and out, helping your motor to hold its value.

Types of Insurance

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