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BMW 2 Series reviews

Great to drive, high quality interior and reasonable to run on a daily basis what more could you ask for from the BMW 2 series.

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BMW decided that they needed a car that fitted smack bang in between the 1 Series and 3 Series. So, they introduced the 2 Series, a sporty looking 2-door coupe that utilises the underpinnings from the popular 1 Series. With a wide range of engines to choose from and a rear wheel drive set-up that BMW have spent years perfecting, the 2 Series is proving very popular.

The BMW 2 Series Convertible replaced the 1 Series Convertible in 2015, filling the drop-top niche in the BMW lineup. It's larger than the model it replaced and comes with various new features to boot. A facelift was applied in 2018, though there aren't many 2018 models on the used market yet as you'd expect. 

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As you would expect from BMW, the 2 Series is a handsome looking car indeed; and if you opt for the one of the M Sport performance packs, you get a host of additional features (such as body kits, larger wheels and lowered ride height) that really enhance the look of the car. As with any BMW, you get the infamous ‘kidney’ grilles situated up front alongside the aggressive headlights. Every curve looks purposeful on the 2 Series, making the car look aggressive.

The replacement of the 1 Series Convertible with the 2 Series namesake brought a sharpening up of the looks. The instantly recognisable BMW kidney grille look is still there, but with neat additional touches such as a thicker grille border and more swept-back headlights. The increased size means it's chunkier than some roadsters, yet the 2 Series Convertible is still very stylish with a strong but sleek look. 

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Sitting in any BMW is a pleasant affair, and we’re pleased to report the 2 Series is no different. Everything you need is within easy reach and the driving position is excellent (with plenty of adjustability). Now, the interior itself isn’t as flash as the equivalent Mercedes. However, the BMW is a proper driver’s car and the cockpit reflects this; more time has been spent perfecting the driving position and ensuring the driving instruments surround the person driving. This isn’t to say the interior is poor, there is a host of quality materials that feature throughout the cabin, and technology such as the infotainment system is very intuitive and quick to respond.

As with the rest of the BMW lineup, the 2 Series Convertible is well built with high-quality materials. The roof, though fabric, has three layers so is highly insulating and will keep you warm on a windy day. It also does a great job of keeping out wind noise. 

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Well, it would be rude not to mention how well the 2 Series drives considering we just praised how driver orientated the cabin is. The formula for any driver-orientated BMW has always been the same; engine up front and the power sent directly to the rear wheels alongside perfect weight distribution. As a result, the 2 Series drives with the poise and conviction you would expect, some have even likened this car to the 2002 Turbo and E30 3 Series - this is high praise indeed. The great driving experience offered by the 2 Series Coupe is transferred into the Convertible.

Opt for one of the performance packages and you are in for a treat; bigger engine, bigger brakes, wider tyres, stiffer suspension – that is quite the recipe. Regardless of which engine and package you opt for, the 2 Series is an engaging and fun car to drive, striking the perfect balance between refinement and driving entertainment. This is truly a remarkable car.


Despite being a coupe, the 2 Series is actually quite practical to use on a daily basis. The rear seats can comfortably accommodate two grown adults and the large door openings make it surprisingly easy to get baby seats in and out. Open the boot and you’ll pleasantly surprised to find it is quite large; the natural shape of the car means you don’t get a lot of height, but the depth and width more than make up for this.

As you'd expect of a convertible, there's a trade-off between increased practicality and having the roof down. With the roof up you have 335 litres of boot space at your disposal. You still get 220 litres when the roof is folded down and you can seat four people comfortably either way, though you can't fit the wind deflector when the car is full. At the end of the day though, this is likely to be a pretty rare occurrence for most drivers - for a convertible, the 2 Series has perfectly decent practicality.

bmw 2 series car review


As is the way with modern cars, there has been a lot of downsizing for manufacturers that were once known for big characterful engines. The 2 Series makes use of some very clever petrol and diesel engines that still provide plenty of poke on a daily basis, while returning excellent economy and low emissions. Fear not though, BMW weren’t willing to completely give up their identity. Look to the performance models and you get a silky smooth six-cylinder engine that has been turbocharged, the noise and power these engines generate is pulsating to say the least. Phew! Normality restored.

The 2 Series Convertible is a unique drop-top in that its most popular engine is a diesel. This is the turbocharging 220d, which is the only diesel in the range. It's highly impressive, being far more responsive and engaging than most diesels, and with 188bhp and 400Nm of torque, you can reach 62mph in just 7.5 seconds


BMW has always been considered a brand for those who enjoying driving pleasure, and the 2 Series slots nicely into that category. Thanks to the balance created by the engine up front and power to the rear wheels set-up, the 2 Series feels great to drive on a daily basis – it’s definitely a car for those who enjoy the driving experience. If you’re after the 2 Series as a more leisurely vehicle, then getting the roof down on the convertible version is guaranteed to generate an instant love affair between you and machine.

For those looking for a convertible that's great to drive, the 2 Series is pretty much bang on. It handles brilliantly, looks stylish and is generously equipped; it is a BMW after all.

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