What does your pet say about you?

As bizarre as it is, pets really do say a lot about a person. Take a read and think if you know someone with a pet personality.


Horse owners tend to be smart and sophisticated, well rounded nice people.

These people are usually very outgoing and goal-orientated, however slightly more assertive and socially dominant but not as warming as the average dog owner.



If you’ve got a pet snake, then you’re probably quite adventurous!

Who agrees? Snakes are a, love them or you hate them, kind of pet.


Cats are easy! Usually when you don’t have the time to walk a dog, you get a cat instead. Cats require less responsibility than other pets. They can walk themselves, and even feed themselves. They’re known to find other animals outside and bring them home. On the other hand, some cat owners tend to live in an apartment. These owners aren’t the most outdoorsy people you’ve met.

 What does your pet say about you?


Dogs! Wow who doesn’t love dogs, we LOVE them! Dog owners are very caring and their pups are part of the family. If you’re a dog owner you’re known for having it all together, following a daily routine that usually includes breakfast and walking your furry friend round the park.


Who’s a hedgehog owner?

Really, you’re just a pretty cool person if you’ve got a pet hedgehog, right? Nothing more can be said for this one.



If you’re a turtle owner you’re usually described by your friends as hardworking and reliable. You’ve got goals in mind you want to reach.


There aren’t too many bird owners out there really. However, these owners are quite social and loud like a bird. Usually a bad influence, and always trying to teach their bird to say funny phrases.



According to studies, rabbit owners are the most introverted pet people. This can only mean they take after a rabbit, who are usually shy and like hiding in corners when you’re trying to pet them. However you’re usually a sympathetic person and even though you’re shy, you’re still up for new experiences.

Remind you of anyone?

How many people do you know that have the same personality as their pet? Send us your pet stories, and how your friends act just like them! @carstoreuk